Zero S Super Bike – Test

Despite the assurance of sealing foolproof, it can be scary to ride with an electric motorcycle in the pouring rain. But once the preposterous idea of a dramatic shock out of the head, only the cold rain of the last day of October could successfully thwart the singularity of rolling with the Zero S Supermoto.

Zero S Super Bike

Zero S Super Bike Bikes Pictures

Ducati have nothing to fear for his Hypermotard, nor other Supermoto also because the Zero S Supermoto has the name and the look for the rest, it would be rather in the category of Honda CBF 125 and Yamaha YBR 125.

But the Zero S that is presented to us is only the prototype. The final version should appear next spring with as significant improvement, more power and a seat other than the one taken from the off-road Zero range.

Saddle precisely, simply turn the ignition key, wait for the current password and the dashboard lights up, then … nothing, nothing at all. A green light indicates that everything is working, the charge indicator gives us the hope of a few kilometers, and while our usual reflexes mean that our whole left side seeks his or her identity, he will not find a slight wrist motion of the handle (I would say gas, but this is more appropriate) and magically, it runs silently.

First surprise is without apparent effort the bike gets underway. We are far from scooter which always seems in agony when torn from its inertia. Here, the couple is in abundance, an advantage of the electric motor.

Zero S Super Bike

Zero S Super Bike Bikes Photos

On the road, it quickly reaches 80 km / h as the conditions of the day allowed us, but the vagaries of the internal combustion engine, the acceleration is free and speed is maintained without any hiccups. The handlebars, the riding position is natural and it finds its feet quickly.

Its use is primarily urban wants, although visits to the service station to fall radius of bad memories, the question of the range of electric vehicles is still the Achilles’ heel of this type of transportation. Because it was beautiful from the morning light heart and casual ear, anxiety should monitor its mileage if he wants to go home in the evening on a single charge.

And even if just plug the charger is built into the motorcycle, you should find where the plug and not a safe place for a crafty escapes with cable. The idea of ​​a service station at every intersection where in 5 minutes you can take the road seems smooth compared to the idea of ​​a flat battery. Not certain that the unknown beautiful would love to see a poor biker begging at their doors a little electricity for an hour or two before returning to his white steed to new adventures.

Zero S Super Bike

Zero S Super Bike Bikes Images

The charge indicator is not easy to read either. The fate of a fuel gauge is linear from full to empty, but the battery charge is variable. Thus, the charge indicator down if you accelerate, but if it goes slow. So we must constantly keep an eye on it and not get caught up in the state of grace at the time, because you could have a nasty surprise. No reserve here, no loss of power either, it’s all or nothing. And better not end up with anything anywhere.

This is the price to pay for a good conscience and a clean bike that is recycled because even plastics are no paint to remain pristine in anticipation of a new life.

The proposed Zero Motorcycles is very interesting, but it remains to find takers. At nearly 10,000 euros, 12,000 Canadian dollars for the Zero S Supermoto, only the devotees should be seduced by the tranquility of the electric motor, at least for now.

Zero S Super Bike

Zero S Super Nice Bike Pictures

One can also question the viability of these new companies, certainly innovative, but will quickly be overwhelmed by the large manufacturers if the idea made its way to the general public. Obviously, Honda and BMW in this world work strictly on such proposal and await the ripening of fruit to provide a product successful and affordable.

Zero S Super Bike

Zero S Super Nice Bike Photos

Bold as they embark on the adventure can at least console themselves once their outdated motorcycle because it will be enthroned in the living room on a pedestal as a pioneer without messing everything.

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