YZF-R1 and YZF-R6 Blue Race My 2014

After the great success in 2013, Yamaha updates for the new season the special color “Blue Race”. Inspired directly to the YZR-M1 MotoGP Rossi and Lorenzo, the bright coloration three tuning forks combines the traditional Yamaha Blue at the elegant new color Dark Grey, actually increasing, even more the racing spirit of the main models in its range sports bike, giving them a unique style that would look at home in any paddock in the world.

Yamaha New Modal Bikes Pictures

Yamaha New Modal Bikes Pictures

The special coloring, which will be available in November 2013, from Yamaha dealer (for the two super) and was also dedicated to the long-awaited new three-cylinder my MT-09, 2014 (for this model will be available from October), is characterized by a fresh and modern style.

Yamaha New Modal Bikes Photos

Yamaha New Modal Bikes Photos

Yamaha YZF-R1

Born from MotoGP technology, the super peak three tuning forks in Race Blue staining enhances its racing spirit thanks to the presence of the new Dark Grey shade, combined with the classic Yamaha Blue on some components such as the tip, the tank, tail and wheels. The 43 mm forks with anodizing surface treatment are in blue tone to make it even more sporty look of the bike.

Yamaha YZF-R6

The Yamaha supersport who has been dominating the World Supersport Championship, in its special coloring Race Blue becomes the leader from the aesthetic point of view. Their own style arrembante is in fact further enhanced by the special color of the front of the hull diagonally divided between the new color Dark Grey and Yamaha Blue. The sharp contrast obtained from your tone is then enhanced by the presence of the blue circles on the tank and tail while the forks are anodized in blue.

Yamaha MT-09

The new and highly anticipated 3-cylinder road MT-09 my 2014, could not miss the call of the special coloring Race Blue The contrast between the shades of blue circles and gray livery of the damage in fact one even sportier look and exuberant, extolling the its important performance. Going out to get to the office or a business trip this week-end will be like a perfect excuse to show your dark side.

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