Yamaha XVS 950 Classic Tour 2013

Since the demise of the Royal Star Venture , fans travel Tourer medium or long haul no longer have real choice in the Yamaha range.

Yamaha XVS 950

Yamaha XVS 950 Bikes Pictures

Either he had to succumb to the lure of GT, FJR 1300 in mind, or ogle the side of equipment to enrich the Midnight Star. Thus was born the 950 Tour Classic. One way to travel light on the handlebars youngest range of custom. This boulevardier, as they say in Quebec, in line with a cruiser, the charm of a bagger and the wink of America.

With only three items, XVS 950 significantly expands the range. A large windshield, a pair of lockable luggage and sissy bar, it will change your life. More reluctant to issue any drizzle or the whims of lady. Thus adorned, the 950 Classic Tour brings you protection, storage and extra comfort.

Yamaha XVS 950

Yamaha XVS 950 Bikes Photos

Basically identical to the Midnight Star 950 , the “small” Tourer Yamaha snorts the rhythm of his twin air-cooled 942 cm3. Mechanical that we deem sufficient and finely equipped character. Fans of big manly flare will turn to thicker displacements, as in displacement rates.

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