Yamaha XV 950: Urban Performance So Cool

“We see today, that cool custom motorcycle and those retro style have a great success,” says our Product Planning Manager for Europe Oliver Grill.

Yamaha XV 950

Yamaha XV 950 Bikes Pictures

“The XV950 fully meets this trend. It draws its inspiration from both Europe and America. We started our passion for motorcycles and compact style bobber then, drawing on our own roots Yamaha, we focused on performance and ease of use, even in urban congestion. “

It is clear when detailing the concept of the new XV950, it has everything to succeed.

A simple cool machine light, compact, with a beautiful image of power – Let us look at the history of its development!

“Urban Performance Bobber”

Yamaha XV 950

Yamaha XV 950 Bikes Photos

The Director of Product Planning Yamaha Star Motorcycles USA Derek Brooks explains the concept of this bike is here called “Bolt”

“We summarize the whole idea of ​​this bike in three key words:” Urban Performance Bobber”.

We wanted to create a really pleasant bike to ride, whether to go to work, school or from walking all day on winding roads. It must be quite a bike around town. A motorcycle with a cool and modern look, without bling just a simple, uncomplicated design. “


Yamaha XV 950

Yamaha XV 950 Bikes Images

“We focused on four points in this development” continues Derek: “The first was to conduct dynamic impression. This feeling comes directly from the way the engine delivers its power with all the excitement that can provide the acceleration and agility of the chassis that is compact and responsive feel, easy to throw into each pin. “

The driving position is relatively straight, without the footrest before typically American, further enhances this dynamic feel and perfect control of the machine. The large discs petals 298 mm front and rear provide stopping power very sporty, the twin 950 cm3 air-cooled fuel-injected is more than powerful and instantly translates each rotation of a millimeter the throttle in a raw power to the wheel, as the low to medium and high speeds.


Yamaha XV 950

Yamaha XV 950 Nice Bikes Pictures

Derek goes to the next point: “Our second objective was driving comfort. We really decrease to make this bike comfortable in urban trips a day as a walk in the canyons. “

Yamaha’s engineers have developed a rigid frame with a short wheelbase that provides both great agility and excellent stability.

The quality of the suspensions is also greatly improved with separate rear combination (for R version) oil tank and a good damping control. The very rigid fork tubes 41 mm in diameter is set with lots of cushioning to avoid having too much diving and weight transfer on the front brake in order to keep the machine perfectly under control.

Easy access

Yamaha XV 950

Yamaha XV 950 Nice Bikes Photos

The third point was to make the bike easier. “When you go over for the first time,” says Derek “You are surprised to see how easily your feet touch the ground. The bike is beautiful and very narrow at the knees, while giving all the space you need for large drivers, it really puts you at ease. “

This easy access is useful in cities in many situations, when you have to sneak in a totally blocked traffic, stopped at a red light or in a parking maneuver. The bike feels very natural and there is nothing that surpasses and discomfort in the knee.


Yamaha XV 950

Yamaha XV 950 Nice Bikes Images

Derek continues “The fourth point we wanted was the original style. We wanted to reflect the performance of our heritage and our technology has allowed us to give this bike. Performance that clearly show the huge disc brakes, power of 950 cm3 engine as the quality of the suspension and handling. “

Yamaha XV 950

Yamaha XV 950 Nice Pics

About the style of the bike: “We have combined the minimalist style with this performance quite modern in Based on the idea that sobriety is better than extravagance. With pure and original forms, real materials and enhancement of the beauty of the mechanical. We can thus actually see and love or not love every element of this real Moto. We wanted to show all these components without the hide, but on the contrary, we used as part of the style elements. “

Yamaha XV 950

Yamaha XV 950 New Nice Bikes Pictures

Some Examples:

  • Under no cache covers
  • No only decorative parts: What you see is what you
  • Rear mudguard steel (not plastic) (also easier to customize)
  • Saddle two original high quality materials tones, cover with Alcantara way color stitching on R Version
  • The air-cooled engine is beautiful by itself and everything is accessible without radiator hoses and other
  • The beauty of the engine painted in matt black is enhanced by slices polished fins
  • Timeless as the classic double cradle the engine is rigidly mounted so as to participate in the rigidity of the assembly thus giving a better feel of the motor and its drive
  • Metal insulating covers on pots fit perfectly with the support strips on the battery
  • Very narrow belt transmission (21 mm) fiber reinforced carbon gives the right proportions to the machine for the next
  • Tank drop
  • Layout and simple and cool forms of fore and instrumentation, a perfect vision for the driver.
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