Yamaha Xmax 400 It Makes A Lot

Yamaha Was Not away from nests maxi-scooter engine reasonable, since the Japanese automaker offert  until there is little in the catalog icts Majesty 400.

Order now, if he has time please Could, This Was not the case in recent years and Clearly his blade positioning Xmax Between 125 and 250 on the one hand and the other hand Tmax, left the field free to a more motivating and integrated in a Rather sporty product range.

Yamaha Xmax 400

Yamaha Xmax 400 Bikes Pictures

The casting error is corrected: goodbye Majesty 400, Xmax 400 hello be healthy. Goal first , a little history ! Remember , in 2001 , the emergence of a revolutionary scooter Yamaha Tmax . Undoubtedly scooter by icts and Its line features , it Revolutionized the kind with technical characteristics  500 cc twin engine set in a sturdy tubular frame , chain final drive sealed housing , telescopic fork motorcycle attached to two crowns .

Yamaha Xmax 400

Yamaha Xmax 400 Bikes Photos

He Brought scooters bikers , seduced by driveability Brings close to a motorcycle, combined with practical aspects That can Provide only a scooter .The origins: Aim the Majesty 250 , first scooter brand with three forks, this revolutionary Preceded Tmax five years in the range. Different strong- minded, thesis two scooters Gave impetus to two different ranges.

The Majesty 250 is Declined in different displacements with a 400cc , while the Tmax Declined in Xmax 125 and 250 classic scoots design goal sporty said.Between Xmax and Tmax , it Became urgently to decline a sporty scoot resuming the displacement of wide Majesty .

Well born , the Xmax 125 enjoyed immediate success , and Its declination 250 Quickly Gave him more ambition , reinforced by a clever restyling in 2010 ambitions. However , it lacked the extra punch 250 That Freeing the suburbs . The Majesty 400 in the lack of sex appeal , Had a breathing powertrain health.

A hike into the Vosges to the handlebars left in our memory intact Remember solid benefits . It Remained only to graft the Yamaha 400cc block in Xmax, To Provide a mid -size scoot the best effect .

Yamaha Xmax 400

Yamaha Xmax 400 Bikes Images

A Family: No surprise Then at the line , Which Incorporates the essential characteristics of the family: the characteristic “boomerang” Stressing the sides of all the “Max” , double optic headlights , Highlighted by LEDs , dual taillights , LEDs also.

Template , Measured , Hardly Differs from the 125 and 250 . These , plenty Lodgeable , sneaking in traffic jams with ease , a quality All which naturally inherits the 400.

The practical aspects are not neglected  the space under the seat , on the generous 250 still wins 37 liters , welcoming facility with two full boxes and A Few minor Between .

The deck contains two storage locations , one of All which is locked. Improves protection with a windshield That earns 5 cm in height and protections integrated into the design of the front apron the hands .

Yamaha Xmax 400

Yamaha Xmax 400 Nice Bikes Pictures

Suspensions and brakes inspire other Xmax with a fork one tee and two adjustable rear shock preload on oven positions , and the front disc braking Asked two dual piston calipers .Better Than The Representation: This hardware is grafted onto a framework Largely based on Xmax 250 Strengthened goal lightened a kilo and a half .

The Xmax 400 inherits the urban qualities of a smaller displacement scooter, Guaranteeing a good maneuverability in traffic jams . The 250 WAS already evidence of Good Health in highway driving, with a lively engine and conduite Obtained flawless , it is true, the price of a Slightly comfort Sacrificed on the altar of the rigor of conduct .

It feels more aussi low speed to a fast pace , Where Xmax suspensions Provide the real accuracy . We can therefore carry this scooter briskly and only limited by the clearance floor stand calm the ardor of the most enthusiastic Especially as the 395 cc block a lot of dust .

Yamaha Xmax 400

Yamaha Xmax 400 Nice Bikes Photos

Setting of Scores: It’s simple, it  hard  as a summary Tmax That icts luster Effective 100 km / h . The Xmax Easily hangs the 165 km / h meter peak and May therefore go Any distance, in keeping under the wrist , making a real difference against a Xmax 250 , Almost fully under the same Circumstances .

Posted at  5.999 Xmax 400 is the emery as a great opportunity  to more than 250 thousand euros , he famously broadens scope . Admittedly , it Does not yet offer the pleasure of a Tmax , aim for the price of the lath ( 11.290 ) , You Could Almost give you two Xmax 400! One That Will Quickly favors common sense His choice, Provided That The Korean competition is cheaper Hardly .

In addition , Yamaha is live Europe : Thought Yamaha Europe in Italy , it is assembled on MBK lines in France , with an Italian engine  Minarelli.

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