Yamaha Tricity Japanese Variation on the Three-Wheeler

At the Milan show, the manufacturer of innovative Japanese two-wheeler with a tricycle 125 light, handy and cheap cm3.

It is clear, sharp and clear: Yamaha does not follow the footsteps of the current manufacturers of three-wheeled scooters. “We’re not launching a new vehicle aimed at the motorcycle frustrated,” warns Eric Seynes , head of Yamaha Motor France, about the Tricity, its world debut Monday, Nov. 4, 2013, at Paris two Milan-wheels. A small picnic especially for Piaggio , the big guns with three wheels are a hit in Europe, especially in France.

Yamaha Tricity Japanese

Yamaha Tricity Japanese Bikes Pictures

Japanese two-wheeler manufacturer prefers to place under the banner of indestructible urban mobility, this time with a three-wheeler. His credo: to convince novices looking for another mode of transport to travel around quickly and many large and small cities. The Tricity will be lightweight, flexible and relatively cheap. And with two front wheels instead of one. Does not it still represents a gamble too ambitious face almost monopoly and Piaggio MP3?

Not for Yamaha, one of the largest motorcycle manufacturers which there are countless technological innovations. The group furthermore aims for global distribution of Tricity, what it all means.

The rest can understand his approach by placing the handle of the three-wheeler on the market. Their control is not a certification model, because their direction is usually heavy. And adds to it, to take the example of the inevitable Piaggio, a mass of two quintals with which he must constantly deal.

So the Tricity weighs only 140 kg (150 with full) and the brand ensures that it is also fun to drive than a traditional two-wheel stability and more, thanks to a unique front axle. With a top speed of 95 km / h, it will not be the fastest hand. But it is not the purpose of this moped in modern times. At a height of reasonable saddle and with a trunk of correct size, it should offer the ABS quite quickly.

Remains to try this new three-wheeled scooter that boasts the template of a two-wheeler. It will be available on the French market from next summer. Made in Taiwan, the price will be established, according to our sources, below € 4,000.

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