Yamaha Tmax Test Long-Term (4) 300 Days Of Mmobility

Three hundred days already we practice mobility rarely mentioned in official speeches, which usually mention that the transport or cycling as only answer to traffic jams. If these proposals may suit some, in a well defined context, they can not fit all. Those who move during the day to get to their appointments, who do not live near a train station or a bus, who simply want to preserve flexibility and independence can not be satisfied . 

On the other hand , the pressure of road congestion and parking problems the death knell of the ” my car is my freedom ” , which is why we decided to test it for you in real conditions the solutions mobility that offer two-wheelers . The current market also reflects well this concern mobility .

Yamaha Tmax

Yamaha Tmax Bikes Pictures

The two-wheelers, long confined to leisure, clearly evolves towards more functionality. Sales ” motorcycles ” being eroded in favor of small cars available to permit B and scooters all displacements combined.300

Our three hundred days handlebar Yamaha Tmax confirm the validity of this response to the challenges of mobility. If , as the train-tram – bus or bike option can not meet all needs, the two – wheeler will not bring either the universal answer , yet it deserves better than indifference in which it is confined by the official discourse.

Many are indeed citizens and commuters who could trade a car in their household against a scooter, and increasingly there are many who take the plunge and do not regret it . But back to our Tmax which totals after three hundred days , twelve thousand kilometers without the slightest concern . Consumption remained stable at 5.1 l/100km . We drive wisely , scrupulously respecting the limitations on the highway and avoiding making the ” zoot ” in town .

Our trip type commuter lot involves motorway at a constant speed , no doubt that strictly urban , this figure would be revised upwards , but it is equally true that in this case, a 125 or a 250 cc would be fine.

The Right Questions
Compared to other scooters, Tmax consumption remains quite reasonable , but given the remarkable figures obtained in the automotive world today , it seems urgent that the two-wheeler manufacturers are measuring the backlog in this area . Consumption of cars fell into a few decades an incredible way while the performance increased by an equally amazing.

Two-wheelers are not left power issue , but their consumption figures are heartbreaking , and it is true in all our tests. The two-wheeler market clearly moves the “fun” in commuting a motorcycle for two scooters in Italy! Without the manufacturers seem to have already taken the measure of what this means .

Yamaha Tmax

Yamaha Tmax Bikes Photos

Therefore how to accept a scooter as brilliant and effective it consumes as much as a car carrying four people in the best conditions of comfort?
How not to pester , except scooters, against the little practical aspects of most two-wheelers, which carry any package or just a good lock request ingenuity ?

How to accept the price charged for a tire to be replaced between five and fifteen thousand kilometers , and its benefits in the rain or when the thermometer plummets do not encourage enthusiasm ?

In this regard, we had the opportunity to get to a comprehensive set of Metzeler tires still unknown , the Feelfree Wintec , specially designed to equip scooters called to ride all year round and in all situations.

Yamaha Tmax

Yamaha Tmax Bikes Images

We mounted tires on our Tmax even before the first kilometer to go the handlebars and we can certify experience to support that these tires should be included as original equipment on all scooters, obvious in view of their qualities behavior in the worst conditions.
The experience of the road
We decided to take advantage of this long-term trial to test Tmax experiencing different equipment and dedicated accessories , including Metzeler tires . Thus we set up a drive , an often acclaimed modification.

Our choice fell on the Malossi MHR , which raises no problem of reliability while improving responsiveness to the throttle , more straightforward. Tmax takes his tricks with increased vigor and vivacity wins , for consumption remained stable. We took the opportunity to replace the filter cartridge with a BMC air element , a filter that cleans, unlike the OE which replaces .

For good measure , our Tmax has been joined by a complete exhaust system Akrapovic stamped , often chosen by the happy owners of Tmax . Easy to mount, with its remarkably well finished stainless steel manifold and a titanium pot ending in a tip carbon, ” Akra ” line reinforces the sharp and sports features of Tmax .

Yamaha Tmax

Yamaha Tmax Nice Bikes Pictures

Having failed to confront a difficult Tmax test bench, to estimate the power gain , less obvious to driving the input of an inverter . Noise level , do we have to face facts : if a reasonable use of the throttle results in a flattering but acceptable rating, the opening “big” in a tunnel will signal your presence better than any stroke horn !
We also ride for thousands of miles with a more rigorous Öhlins rear shock absorber , certainly as the original, but the difference of behavior with OE justified in a current cost of this high-end equipment use. Tmax original offer a remarkable amount of qualities, and only specific requirements or simply the desires of its owner push to complete one or the other accessory.

In our case, use primarily utilitarian and throughout the year over long distances naturally our choice on the following factors , in addition to Metzeler tires : deflectors for hands and legs, heated grips , the baggage and topcase , essential elements in our door to fully enjoy the Yamaha for all seasons.

Yamaha Tmax

Yamaha Tmax Nice Bikes Photos

We will add the sports bubble removed swirls caused by the original bubble at the headset , but this depends on the morphology of each. The drive remains a valid transformation for those who still wants more liveliness and responsiveness in town. The rest is a matter of taste and means, or more specific requirements .
Yamaha Tmax shows anyway a nice companion daily , married in a subtle alchemy specific to scooters utilitarian aspects , not just a copy but frankly fun and rewarding driving dynamics , with outstanding performance without becoming unreasonable.

The perfect compromise, an unabashed success for ten years, and that arrive only a few small stain horrifying defects among which we mention plastics sensitive skin scratch , storage in the deck that will not lock and some gaps dashboard, as the absence of outside temperature indicator light or gas reserves .

Annoying , but very little indeed face the sum of qualities gathered around this scooter! Oh, if a fault anyway: a price that does not really puts within reach of every budget .

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