Yamaha Rolls On Three Wheels

Yamaha Rolls On Three Wheels

Yamaha Bikes Pictures

“For 2013 , We Remain in a market erosion by Nearly 14%. This is a year with two faces Effective first half marred by a particularly adverse weather conditions ” says the president of Yamaha France , Eric Seynes . More encouragingly , lets hope the second half Began to recover in 2014.

Despite  this period and difficulty Effective Spending the last years to renew oven its modest models , the manufacturer has to tune the models Developed since 2008 with the onset of the Economic Crisis .

These follow three main lines Developments : a design with a strong personality , a dynamic driving character and an affordable price . Eric Seynes Stated: “The purchasing power is Declining , we must respect this Economic reality . ”

Yamaha Rolls On Three Wheels

Yamaha Bikes Photos

Yamaha Was Not odd in this market , it is now done. Wanting to catch up , the Japanese manufacturer Tricity Has the first multi -axle brand scooter.

For urban uses , Tricity wants to ” bring down ” the driver of his car and has attra new female customers. With its weight of 150 pounds Announced icts and small size , this scooter differentiates Itself from Competitors icts and more massive than icts fluid design.

Weighing less than 4,000 euros price , Tricity icts gets power from a 125 cm3 4-stroke and automatic transmission Will Be available from summer 2014.

MT07 , the youngest

Last MT family , the MT-07 is a worthy successor of the MT01 , MT -03 and MT-09 Recently . This release reached more fully Incorporates the very angular and modern design of icts big sister , the MT-09 .

Close to the position of supermotard , the MT-07 is icts major exchange in the engine with a twin line 698 cm3 Developing 75 hp Incorporating technology ” crossplane ” .

Available in 47 ch/35 kW , the MT-07 is Meant to Be aussi be an ideal base for bikers with an A2 license. Unfortunately no price has-been specified for this model . Look New 2014 Yamaha.

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