Yamaha Riding Academy


“The Nation” have the opportunity to visit the Yamaha motorcycle rider training or YAMAHA RIDING ACADEMY (YRA) at Headquarters Rd., Bangna – Trad. 22, which was founded in 2550, caused by the concept of Yamaha. The responsibility to society as a motorcycle manufacturer. Focusing on the direct cause of the accident.

Yamaha Riding Academy

Yamaha Riding Academy

The majority of motorcycle accidents are caused. Are caused by riders without their knowledge. Lack of expertise and experience

Therefore, it needs to be edited by creating a knowledge of safe driving. Institute Yamaha intends to open training to the general public, students, agencies are able to use our services has been approved by the Department of Transport. Department of Transportation How can a driver training course To issue certificates to the trainees to obtain a motorcycle license offices nationwide transportation.

The Institute is comprised of office space, training with the training room, equipment room Feedbacks Driving Theory Test Electronic Auditorium, a driving test.

Yamaha Riding Academy

Yamaha Riding Academy

While driving the practice field As a testing ground for 10,907 square meters, the standards of the Department of Transport. It is standard with Japan. The Yamaha rider is used in the practical training. The exam to obtain a license to drive a motorcycle. According to the Department of Transport. And the various courses of the YRA Riding Course.


Airport security is based on the theory of the YRA with Advance courses such as emergency braking. Control of the car through the rocks and sand.

“The Nation” has a chance to learn. Training motorcyclists in this field. The motorcycle rider training course Big Bite function correctly and safely. One in the course of 7 course.

1. Course exams for licensing motorcycle.

2. Driving Safety Course

3. Program motorcyclists Big Bite function.

4. Teacher Training safe driving practice.

5. courses for novice motorcyclists.

6. motorcyclists professional courses.

7. course for motorcyclists.

And Courtesy of “imagined Udomsap” President of trade. And Public Relations team Team coach of Thailand Yamaha Motor.

Yamaha Riding Academy

Yamaha Riding Academy

For the Institute Be trained to educate those interested are 25,000 people per year of Yamaha motorcycles that. A beginning course for children aged between 6-10 years to the course to obtain a motorcycle license. This course is strongly vehicle Yamaha will launch training every Friday – Saturday: 40 people per course.

It is not enough Training the trainers and team Yamaha also has a safe driving training courses for organizations in both the private and government schools. Sign theoretical The teachers have a theoretical knowledge. From Clothing Equipment used in driving The choice of a variety of helmets. Many people are not aware that a helmet when the accident or loss impact, then it should not be reused. Or even a lifetime cap was too limited. When an accident should not be reused. Because death is not flexible foam cushioning inside the head. The manner of driving Since the motorcycle up the car before the car will need two hands clutching the hand brake on. Turned right back

Once safely lift your right foot around the back seat. Put your feet up in front Left foot on the floor Moreover, the driving characteristics View cornering technique called detail every step. So riders can use and control the car with maximum efficiency. And to control effectively. When learning techniques successfully. It’s time to experience the authentic real car parking available from Sparks gradient along the R15, FZ-09, BOLT R, SR400, and many other models.

Yamaha Riding Academy

Yamaha Riding Academy

Learning in practice this is not the kind of coach opposite sight. To enhance their driving skills are required. Since the stable Speed cornering eyes should go down at any point.

Manner to grip the leg, the weight transfer the brakes, as well as driving in the slalom. Streamlines Turn in a narrow manner number 8 to practice balance. The increase – the stroke speed situations.

This is in addition to the basics of driving a great addition to the safety of the driver and then rules to share with your partner is also important.

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