Yamaha Quads Ranks

Not content with having stolen the pole position for Honda motorcycle registrations in Belgium .

Yamaha aussi mainlining dirty quads, rolling competition with ruthless figures. 38 % of the market belong to the Japanese giant leaving only crumbs to the competition , the second one garnering 7% .

Yamaha Quads Ranks

Yamaha Bikes Pictures

The market is not yet extensive as however represented about 4,900 sales a year in Belgium , goal Yamaha Seems confident in the growth of the segment.

Admittedly with a wide and varied range, the manufacturer of the three tuning forks can meet all demands. We had the opportunity to connect with different styles falling on an event organized by Ieteren Sport.

Four wheel motorcycle ?

Driving a quad always a little surprising , because if the judgment biker feels “familiar territory ” with commands , except the throttle , is Hardly away from his world , he don ‘ is more odd once in motion.

Mass transfer project and Its quad driver turns outward , and the rider leaning his bike to offset the effects of centrifugal forces will be here a little surprised . After the first period a bit laborious snowy circuit the fun comes Quickly , aches too . Rather like physical machine!

Yamaha Quads Ranks

Yamaha Bikes Photos

Jump from one model to Another amused us very much and we did measure the Gulf between a Raptor 350 two- wheel drive sports a rugged Grizzly 700 4×4 automatic and power steering .

As the first incentive to play and watch Demanding , nervous , incisive , as nothing Seems to reach far nothing Seems to reach the Grizzly , All which bears icts name so well .

However not ask him not : the mass is there, and it is not to be overwhelmed by his enthusiasm. His weight and height Does not allow you to play the ” zoot ” like a 250cc YFM all which is placed where you want it .

Yamaha Quads Ranks

Yamaha Bikes Images

We loved the ease of automatic transmissions All which release the driver , and allow it to focus on his solely conduite .

Surprising aussi to measure the contribution of four wheel drive at the grip and ease of driving .

Utility quads, much less than Demanding sports quads, yet offer plenty of leisure and pleasure in terms of crossing and hiking, while sports Mobilize all your driving skills.

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