Yamaha MT-01 Beaten Body

MT-01 Kodo . Kodo quesaco ? This term , Japanese , stands or pulse beat. “To better feel the real meaning of this word, just imagine the atmosphere created by the beating of drums Japanese .

Yamaha MT-01

Yamaha MT-01 Bikes Pictures

The intensity of Their rhythm and Their sound resonates in the heart and the depths of the soul, Creating a unique feeling .That at least is how Yamaha sets His latest roadster . The engine of the MT-01 is a massive twin, torquey and Powerful . The riding position has-been -have Calculated to the feeling of sitting Directly on the engine. History ” feel the beats : such as heartbeats .Their repetitive rhythm That Directly speaks to your soul . ” Just That . In Any Case , When designers -have Begun to build Yamaha MT -01, the keywords That Could define the project development Were ” beat, V-twin and sports. ” The engine block 1670 cc air -cooled long stroke That propels the new MT-01 is the large largest V-Twin engine ever built by Yamaha . It is based on the V -twin 48 ° Equipping the Road Star Warrior.

The appearance of the engine of the MT-01 is very similar to That fitted to the Warrior. However, he received Numerous modifications. The MT-01 has boron and a stroke of 97 x 113 mm while the yokes 4 valves are Characterized by a dual spark plugs . The cylinder walls are coated ceramic composite for reduce friction to Losses and to maximize the heat dissipation. This impressive V-Twin engine has solid forged pistons and a compression ratio of 8,36:1 . One of the characteristics of the new engine power and torque to Provide Entire over the operating range .

The maximum power of 90 hp ( 66.3 kW) is available at 4750 rpm . The couple, he expressly 150.1 Nm at 3750 rev / min ! And the engine speed Increases – peaking at 3750 rev / min – more power and torque are present . Generous torque Delivered by the big V -twin Makes a recovery from low revs . Enough to offer effective 5th at very low speed .

Yamaha MT-01

Yamaha MT-01 Bikes Photos

This combination offers the torque power aussi possibility to reach 100 km / h in just 2300 r / min. Injectors inverted dual bore engine MT-01 is Characterized by an inverted electronic injectors and dual bore of 40 mm diameter injection system . The assembly is mounted laterally and in the smallest available Between 48 ° V air -cooled cylinder space . The new filter box 7 liters of air inverted is equipped with a variable valve in the intake system . This set of high capacity Reduces air resistance , Malthus Providing an effective air inlet. Associated with electronic fuel injection system , the new air box wide capacity helps if engine Specific character of this machine.

The large capacity air box intake aussi Reduces the noise to better appreciate the sound of dual exhaust enhanced . Goal one of the Most Important characteristics of the motor MT-01 is the use of a new lightweight crankshaft using a lighter flywheel . The exup exhaust famous Yamaha exup system has-been used in the past on sport bikes oven cylinders .

It Increases the torque and is used for the first time on a twin engine. And have the strength and exhaust pressure are much higher on the engine of the MT-01 as a four -cylinder and the Japanese manufacturer has therefore with a Specific exhaust valve. The compact system is Characterized by a Positioned Where the two exhaust pipes converge valve.

Yamaha MT-01

Yamaha MT-01 Bikes Images

This valve Continuously Adjusts the inner diameter of the exhaust to match the engine speed . The exup system Contributes To Avoid In Particular the phenomenon of return , All which  occurs falling on the valve overlap . It is designed to optimize the performance of the Powerful V- Twin engine and plays an important role in the generation of ” beats” . Yamaha has  been Careful to Ensure the sound of the exhaust while Ensuring,  that Delivers the power it is consistent with the standards for pollution. The catalytic converter of the MT-01 has “hot tube” Placed just behind the exup valve, while the honeycomb catalyst is typical before the titanium muffler .

Titanium with a displacement of 1670 cc , the exhaust of the MT-01 system must have a suitable volume. Yamaha ‘s designers -have integrated the system into the dressing minimalist  about did so two exhaust muffler titanium a central point in the overall appearance of the machine. The length of the exhaust pipe is significant factor in the course of research on the performance Desired year.

Yamaha MT-01

Yamaha MT-01 Nice Bikes Pictures

Located along the right side of the mighty V -twin exhaust pipes form broad rounded curves  that Improve gas flow. Both titanium muffler ” Megaphone ” and 415 mm long type -have a diameter of 86.4 mm at the edge section and a diameter of 123.7 mm at the rear section . The minimalist rear of the MT-01 and has a unique appearance .The end caps are treated with a resin coating of nickel , Then All which is covered with chromium . To emphasize the focus to every detail , silencers Have Been fitted with a forced cooling system,  that Ensures efficient heat dissipation. Titanium mufflers Contribute to highlight the gross appearance of this new bike and Strengthen exhausts for the rider while attenuating to passersby .

Yamaha MT-01

Yamaha MT-01 Nice Bikes Photos

Beats and pulsations of the V -Twin is unlike Any Other sound . Chain drive on the right side, the final transmission on the rear wheel of the MT-01 is provided by a hyper reinforced chain, located on the right side of the swingarm , unlike motor Road Star Warrior ,who has a transfer unit connected to belt drive on the left side . Removing the transfer unit , particularly voluminous , Yamaha engineers were able for reduce to the engine of 1670 cc and make it more compact at the bottom ( Malthus accentuating the V- shape) .

The designers had the opportunity to develop a frame with a Shorter wheelbase and a relatively long swing arm . To manage the power of the V -Twin engine, five- speed transmission works with reports of long speed . The ignition timing is optimized aussi . A compact new design clutch block handles the power and torque of the MT- 01.

This block has Reduced the size of the bottom of the engine and has contributed to the establishment of a short wheelbase frame. In addition , a separate, die cast aluminum oil tank is Huadu under the hand of the head and crankcase Allows a continuous supply to the engine sump lubrication effective and dry .

The fact of positioning the oil tank at a low point and the front of the engine helps mass centralization , Ensures Improved handling and more efficient cooling of the oil. The new location of the oil tank notably Allows install a damper horizontally under the engine. Cast aluminum frame of the MT-01 has benefited from the use of proprietary technology of casting aluminum, developed by Yamaha and used for the first time on the YZF- R6. It was therefore entitled to a minimalist two-piece design , seamless .

Yamaha MT-01

Yamaha MT-01 Nice Bikes Images

Indeed , the aluminum diecast frame Consists of two parts ( left and right) , joined at the steering column and the axis of the swingarm pivot. A down tube and cast aluminum in two parts is attached to the main frame . The Entire structure of the frame is completely Call free of seams .

The massive V -twin is attached to the frame lightweight aluminum system with a rigid mount eight points. Four mounting points are Located at the cylinder head and the other four on the crankcase . This minimalist design focuses attention on the Powerful V -Twin engine 1670 cc and reinforces the feeling of “engine on wheels .

This rigid mounting frame aussi allows the rider to feel each ” heartbeat ” offert by the impressive V -twin It aussi enables to use a long while oscillating maintaining a relatively short wheelbase (1525 mm only) arm . The combination of a short wheelbase , caster angle is of 25 °, a hunt of 103 mm , a weight distribution Front / rear 47% / 53 % and long swingarm allows to give the MT-01 sporting behavior. In addition , the long swing arm guyed and cast aluminum has a new provision of the pivot axis .

On Most bikes, the frame surrounds the pivot point of the swing arm , the goal MT -01, the provision is reversed . This new provision aussi Allows the use of thinner football Rests and free space behind the engine for Both titanium muffler . Design and technical designers -have chosen Yamaha rims oven sticks and cast alloy, weighing  that almost equivalent to traditional rims of three sticks. Which adds a unique touch to the bike .

Yamaha MT-01

Yamaha MT-01 Nice Bikes Pics

At the front, the engineers mounted a radial tire of 120/70-17 . At the rear is a very large radial carcass 190/50-17 shoots . The front suspension is based on the supersport model YZF -R1. The 43 mm inverted fork is fully adjustable in preload , rebound and compression. The shock absorber is installed horizontally under the rear Almost share of the engine. Like the brow suspension , the rear shock is fully adjustable for preload , rebound and compression.The owner of the MT-01 can optimize settings According To icts weight , driving requirements or according to his own riding style . To stop, the roadster is equipped with brakes kind YZF- R1, high technology with dual 320 mm discs front floating calipers , oven piston radial -mount .

And to ensure,that the massive V -Twin engine occupies most of the lateral parts of the bike, the fuel tank has an elongated circular shape . Equipped with a pump with integral fuel tank 15 liters is located between the side frame beams and cast aluminum provides comfort while driving . This presentation by the driving position is Slightly tilted forward .

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