Yamaha FZ8 Test 2013 More Blue CounterACT To The Green

In the segment of midsize sports roadsters, the Yamaha FZ8 sold well  purpose it is less popular than the invincible Kawasaki Z750, Z800 Recently Become.

Never mind to restore arguments, Yamaha adopted the colors of the Moto GP, refining its frame and review Some accessories. Optimizations required, purpose will it be enough?

Yamaha FZ8 Test 2013 More Blue CounterACT To The Green

Yamaha FZ8 Bikes Pictures

With a launch price set at  7.999 (without ABS) on its release in 2010 , the Yamaha FZ8 Seemed army against the French bestseller market , Kawasaki Z750 in mind . Unfavorable Economic climate , design lacking boldness  more aggressive trade policy from the competition  there are Many Reasons , aim the plane of the manufacturer Yamaha About did not go as Planned . The record is not catastrophic Either .

Certainly , it is far from 5,000 units per year expected by Eric de Seyne goal with 3,336 registrations in 2011 and 2,909 in 2012 , the roadster advanced three forks is in the top 6 hexagonal dirty.

For the FZ8 is no shortage of arguments. In our comparison of the most popular category of French , Japanese to the remarkable versatility shared the top spot with the BMW F800R . Commercially it in 2013 , Yamaha wants more for this model of importance : FZ8 not she replaces the famous FZ6 , sold more than 250,000 copies falling on his long career ?

The goal aussi firm wants to find forks in line with the latest Developments in Kawasaki Z800 or the Triumph Street Triple 675 . So the builder proposed an Evolution up on a few points Which Have Been optimized . Following criticism against the suspension and ground clearance , the Yamaha FZ8 2013 Adopts a fork set / adjustable damper .

Important details , exhaust new look , as the seat skin and cabochons flashing . What rekindle the FZ8 ? This is what we will try to Clarify on small roads du Gard in the morning , Then the Ales tour in the afternoon . Welcome to the Cevennes !

Less bounce  more comfort !

Yamaha FZ8 Test 2013 More Blue CounterACT To The Green

Yamaha FZ8 Bikes photos

Race Blu -combining colors matt gray and blue sparkling (almost turning purple in the sun ) , the Yamaha FZ8 we discover should appeal to fans of sports roadsters in search of originality .

This is a beautiful bike That The finish is always rewarding and manufacturing hard criticism. Exit the old pot look much Criticized : With its classic shape , stainless steel flange yoke and protection of the same material , the new silencer has much better . Ride Yam poses little problem to ordinary drivers .

The seat is available (815 mm) , the base of the tank is not too large well designed , on the handlebars and footrests , They ofrrent a natural riding position , Where the constraint is not considers. We love however we like the least land on All which Denis Bouan  seven time winner of the Moto Tour  has Chosen to take us to the test.
gritter , very narrow , dotted with salt or snow on the sides if the Yam ‘we inspire confidence can not get the same results of this first portion of the race. It gramouille sometimes stoned , so we move on eggshells . However this is very Particular field , we are already seeing an improvement in terms of comfort and handling of the new Yamaha FZ8 .

Quality to put the new account suspensions , Including mono shock . Indeed , the first FZ8 Few Retaining hydraulic rear bouncing on poor surfaces. His new accessory better  with a Firmer spring and the possibility to vary icts relaxing on 20 positions , with an Original setting twelfth screen – erases imperfections. Suddenly we imagine the practice of Relatively acceptable duo .

Yamaha FZ8 Test 2013 More Blue CounterACT To The Green

Yamaha FZ8 Bikes Images

Is more conventional , homogeneous and Virtually dry roads , the new Yamaha FZ8 shines for handling its . As the old finally ! His fork goes upmarket , now with three settings . However, walk mode, this means clustering debauchery Seems a little too much , insofar as agility reading nosewheel were already strong point on the previous release.

Motor side , we are happy to see the 4 -cylinder to the remarkable Flexibility . Able to tow smoothly from 2000 r / min , it offers Good linearity up to 5500 rev / min , make up a little not ‘at 6000 r / min and offers a good freshness to the entrance of the red area Located at 10000 rev / min .

All in a really sporty sound before. This fiery boiler, goal aussi can be wound on a light throttle without shifting . And finally more like it ,had regard to the presence of a transmission still a little hard . Braking , he seduced us with its power , goal also  its progression. The ABS is not intrusive is very well set: bodes well for a small track session . This Timely since we now come to the gates of the mechanical system pole .

Stringers of footrests !

Few riders bring Their sports roadster midsize track . Matter : to show us the benefits of changing the FZ8 , Yamaha About did not hesitate to offer the Cevennes track . And Given the state of His coat , Where imperfections are Numerous and dressings , the Japanese manufacturer Could offer us the best ground to gauge progress its .

So we start with the original settings . On the fork compression calle is on the seventh click, relaxing on 4 spring preload is on the fourth line . At the rear , the trigger remains 12 , the preload of 5. Thesis under conditions we felt That road is confirmed on track . The rear domesticated Gives flight with more serenity roadholding net progress . As for the front axle , it shines for icts clarity .

The FZ8 is light and smooth , it moves with ease into corners and takes Ideally icts full race angle . After several passages , however , we find That It goes a little faster on the fast exchange angle . Lowering the fork compression and relaxation damper 5, the small pumping effect Lessens .

New suspensions are better, but not at the Ohlins suspensions R Series Line tested last year . however , the positive results remain. And the ground clearance you say ? In progress , I will answer you, but still not perfect . Even with studs footrest Disappeared mysteriously on our test bikes, the angle taken on circuit was fatal to thesis accessories . Relativize all the same : use on circuit remains an extreme case . At least 95 % of the FZ8 “everyday ” will never see any vibrator .

Yamaha FZ8 Test 2013 More Blue CounterACT To The Green`

Yamaha FZ8 Nice Bike Pictures

Last year , Moto- Station offert you a unique Comparison between the three Yamaha FZ8 2012 range. If three thesis machinery Were still in catalog today , the new FZ8 2013 intercalerait naturally Between the R- Line model and standard FZ8 . Without preferential prices today launch the new Yamaha FZ8 is Placed at the same rate as the old  8.399 for the standard version,  8.999 for the ABS model.

Facing the Used Suzuki GSR 750 , the new Triumph Street Triple 675 , or the odd Honda Hornet 600 , roadster three forks Looks Slightly more expensive, but it is not Obviously thesis models seeks to dethrone it .

In the cross hairs of Kawasaki Yamaha stands bestseller Whose last declination in 800 cm3 is still displayed at  8.899 or  500 more than our horse of the day . Purpose the price is not everything   the Kawasaki Z800 has a new look, its frame and engine have also Evolved.

The new Yamaha FZ8 advance arguments , true, but sexy and exuberant as its remains green rival and that counts in this segment.

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