Yamaha FZ-1 Roadster Attitude

Yamaha Fazer revisited last year’s 1000, the rewarding passing a stripped version of of the FZ1. The basic recipe remains the same: a heart in frame R1 roadster.

Yamaha FZ-1

Yamaha FZ-1 Bikes Pictures

All purpose-have changed the ingredients. Nothing was taken from icts predecessor, except the concept. The 998cc four-legged Develops 150hp , 106Nm of torque at 8,000 rpm / min , A few more horsepower Compared to the old versions. The FZ1 now sports a sturdy aluminum frame and a more radical look.

The design was in. fact working down to the smallest details . The right handlebar dragbar style lighthouse overlooks a complex and dynamic forms , framed pretty brackets . Small dashboard very readable , compact and full as we like , carved saddle tank “sports” above a small , well integrated red light , Supplemented by a fender Does not keep the mud . Pot and very original beveled picked , Personally we love . The very massive 190/50-17 rear draws meets the canons of fashion , drank maybe a little less maneuverability and the thickness of your wallet.

Review details

Yamaha FZ-1

Yamaha FZ-1 Bikes Photos

Our test copy is covered with a severe gray metal That poses little value His aggressive side . Bright colors follows him better. Continue to detail the beast . The aluminum frame is cast . He earns about 40% by weight of the steel frame of His grandmother to oven times Greater rigidity . The method of casting Allows to vary the thickness of the aluminum, to Achieve the Desired stiffness at a Specific rent : such as near the steering column or swingarm pivot . The suspended motor , framed by six points rigid anchor Ensures a very high level of vertical rigidity , optimal dynamic behavior Guaranteeing . The frame comes with a full rocking particularly long, Produced According To the same technical process of casting arm.

Yamaha FZ-1

Yamaha FZ-1 Bikes Images

Moving the motor forward the FZ1 offers a distribution of 51 % of the weight on the front wheel . The caster angle is Reduced to 25 ° and the wheelbase is limited to 1460mm . All measurements thesis favor maneuverability . The driving position of the driver aussi reviewed , and induces a sportier and more dynamic position. Upsidedown fork Fully adjustable 43mm (compression and rebound ) supports two 320mm discs gripped by four- piston calipers .Genoa R1

The engine Gives the FZ1 Has Its character . Its architecture is similar to That of R1. The great square oven inline five valves per cylinder HAS injection and a dual shaft . Crankshaft , pistons , cylinder and cylinder head are Kept R1. To Deliver more torque at medium speed, It Has undergone a number of exchange , Including a flywheel with 40% of inertia , a new generation fifth and sixth reports EXUP and a modified compression ratio Reduced to 11.5:1 .

All this paper has Gives Rather roadster “guts . ” In fact , the grip remains true to Yamaha Recalls His expertise and senior . It’s raining for a change our steps lead us first city we climb gently reports.


The beast moves effortlessly without dragging . Easy! No need to take the lead , the FZ1 bends gracefully to this use of “baby” . Flat anyway : it is steep ! Sharply suspensions react to the Many Irregularities ” belgien ” macadam . Not very cool … The driving position is good , with a voluntary handlebar .

Even at low speeds , the FZ1 “send . ” It’s relaxing, it is not idle purpose . The weather gets better , the road clears , the pace is accelerating . It begins to grow hairy : free acceleration , Accompanied by the roar of rewarding pot picked . It pulls hard , without ever losing the good education That Allows you to keep everything ” under control . ” What talent, Japanese thesis ! In fact , once again , the essential qualities expected of a two- wheeler can be found: powerful engine , chassis and effective player , braking above criticism .

Yamaha FZ-1

Yamaha FZ-1 Nice Bikes Pictures

Too easy ?By exploiting a little more , we come to regret His character too polished engine a bit and call her wishes a little more violence , a little less than good education. The FZ1 has radicalized over the old Fazer 1000 . It is sportier , more player no doubt , and she Kept A Powerful enough , probably too by These Days , aim at the same time a little too wise .

As well as play groups roadsters , Yamaha Could have play a little more extreme . Engine too polite to be better accommodated in a more comfortable a little more versatile motorcycle, usable daily . The turning radius depression , suspensions really react too Sharply , too bad Because the driving position and seat are not Involved .

The rear mudguards acts as platform  at the Slightest downpour , the projections of the rear wheel repaint you from head to toe ! The wind protection , roadster strength is downright non-existent . Do not even try to shelter behind the dashboard , swirls are appalling . So much the better : you do not find the timer too long .

The “feature” map Will undoubtedly played by FZ1 -S , equipped with a crown . A view at an upcoming trial , but not sure, since apart from the fork crown , nothing differentiates the two versions . Yamaha FZ1 tent to  10.490 , to bring the best of both worlds , goal failed completely. Too wise roadsters villainous face , and too little Adapted to functional use. The art of compromise is difficult.

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