Yamaha FJR 1300 AS What Is Left To The Pilots?

Yamaha FJR 1300 AS

Yamaha FJR 1300 AS Bikes Pictures

Surprisingly approach, as Chosen by Yamaha for the evolution of flagship icts. For 2006, revisions are many, and if they do not jump all the eyes of novices. They do not make harmless users, It have been heard by Yamaha and all amendments or requests spond  to Criticisms’ em. First revision, the fairing. The bubble should  be redesigned to better protect drivers and ventilation ducts added to the base thereof for reduce to the negative pressure pushing the driver back.

The sides of the fairing can be adjusted in width three inches by two screws. Radiator and cooling are reviewed aussi, for better airflow and for reduce heat felt by the driver. The storage space Provided on the left side of the fairing has 12 V socket, The lid opens only when the ignition is on.

General overhaul
The driver is pampered with a 20mm adjustable seat and adjustable handlebars back and forth . All this shoulds enable him to find the most suited to the morphology position. Decks footrest are repositioned further forward and lower , more comfortable making odd FJR.

Yamaha FJR 1300 AS

Yamaha FJR 1300 AS Bikes Photos

Back loop is reviewed to refine the bike with panniers and facilitate implementation icts on center stand. The bags are supplied as standard . The dashboard provides a wealth of information Including an indication of the engaged gear . The chrome trim dials Brings a touch of class . Finally , for stability , the swingarm is soothing by 35mm, and for reduce the engine speed to at a steady speed ( and Malthus noise and consumption ) the final drive ratio is extended by 2.7 % .
Brake serious !
More importantly , the FJR now has ABS combined with CBS (Combination Break System) . When the rear brake is activated , the ABS / CBS system operates both lower right stirrup four- piston front wheel pistons. To Ensure more finesse to CBS system , thesis two lower pistons are smaller than the other six piston calipers dual forehead .

The CBS system comes intoaction, when the rear brake is used, the front brake only operating the six – piston calipers front remaining: furnace of the left bracket and the top two pistons of the right caliper .
Driving Assistance
Aim the big novelty of the FJR AS, makes It all which only in the current market , is at the left hand of the driver : the clutch up has disappeared ! FJR as has single technology , Yamaha Chip Controlled called Expired Shift ( YCC- S). This barbarous term hides an innovative system for changing gears without recourse to the manual clutch . The YCC -S system includes two electronic sensors, one for the clutch and the second to control the postponement.

The gearshift is fully managed you electronically through a central unit controls That the share of the clutch and transmission. It is therefore not an automatic gearbox , and the pilot Retains full control of the gearshift . Rather we must Consider the system developed by Yam as a driving aid  Review. The most obvious parallel with the automotive world is found in the device used in Formula 1 cars with gold Some prestige paddle controls . What about the facts ?
A bicycle or Dax ?


Yamaha FJR 1300 AS

Yamaha FJR 1300 AS Bikes Images

Surprising sensation riding the FJR . The clutch to make up has disappeared room for a dual recalling the shifter on your bike : a control index for upshift , a movement of the thumb them down . Or more conventional : the command to the same foot to the other bike, except the neutral position , at the bottom .

Manual control is disengaged . By default it is not enabled . To do this , you must activate a switch. Well , we must admit That is what is natural ATV does not seem so obvious on the FJR year. The first gear exchange are a bit confusing with manual control, while the foot control appears rather obvious . Those have you rolled ” Dax “easily understand. start application was delicacy with the throttle . This is the handle to gently maneuver as a start curve or turn.
Stall me ? Never !
With a little practice , it all works very well , with great pleasure , as does never risk stalling or not having to develop a fire death . Located at the bottom , it is feasible to pass to a full stop: of no interest at a red light Where you come in first Effective Entering all reports to downshift .

Yamaha FJR 1300 AS

Yamaha FJR 1300 AS Nice Bikes Pictures

You arrived on a light throttle , you stop, the clutch disengages , you wait for the green light and ! Pleasant and efficient ! In fact , the handling of a clutch control is not that there are more exciting was GT . In town , it will be readily pass on the motorway too . Road and keep you full freedom to choose your relationship with that extra bit of power to change the angle , without worrying about your foot stuck possibly between macadam and selector .
Just an update
No , really , no clutch control is not sorry . However , the system requires a little more focus, rather brutal at low revs : difficult to approach a second roundabout , without Being shaken like a plum . It willingly against wax falling on a gearshift performed at very high speeds. We would -have liked the other hand , a slight shine to medium low speed When maneuvering , and a quick transition to high speed .

In a first experiment , the result is quite successful , and can only Improve . We look forward to a change that would allow a choice between the current definition, Where the driver remains in control of parts of the reports, and full automation, that when we tasted it on a maxi scooter is sometimes nice . Against the price becomes therefore : 17890 euros for the AS version , against 15.690 euros for classical FJR 1300.

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