Yamaha FJR 1300 A Efficiency

More than ten years since the FJR sharing our daily lives. Balanced and accomplished, she quietly Evolved over the years, earning an ABS in 2003, reworked design, a new dashboard and an electronic clutch in 2006, not to mention Some Other less significant but still Useful Developments, distilled over the vintage.

Yamaha FJR 1300

Yamaha FJR 1300 Bikes Pictures

Consistency of services has enabled it to cut the endless cruppers BMW in the administration. It Malthus Makes the happiness of Police from various countries, Including Belgium.Only real novelty of the Japanese automaker presented in autumn 2012 , the FJR is Struggling to fit into this costume ” marketing ” too big for her .

Yet , failing boast real novelty , FJR Evolves over yet It Seems . One Could aussi expound at length on the various options available to manufacturers Regarding new products . Some starting from scratch , Creating new concepts : such as Honda  with triplet of medium displacement DCT gearbox , others redesign

Their bestseller A to Z, so there is no longer a common bolt or Nearly so Without this huge work is obvious to all : the new BMW GS remains a GS, and the possessor of a liquid GS forgive us , the philistine Does not it see the difference too!

The voice of reason: Yamaha has Chosen to make His move on different levels though born a Machine side . Admittedly , the FJR Does not reign in Niche icts with the success and prestige of a BMW GS rethinking icts icon bottom knocks All his Pursuers a connection Yamaha That Did Not have To Stick With His GT .

FJR 2013 Receives a fairing made ​​to date , with more taut lines , air flow optimized , new optical inheriting essential LEDs , new LED flashing elegantly integrated .

Yamaha FJR 1300

Yamaha FJR 1300 Bikies Photos

A subtle work , drank That Does not really obvious . In the process , the electric bubble aussi changing . Its shape and electrical mechanism changes : less air tub and a simplified mechanism , lightweight and faster.Developments at all levels: The frame Receives  share of changes: new fork Receives lighter internal components , the spring rate is changed . The rear shock damping characteristics Sees icts and optimized calibrations .

The center stand , different, much Makes Easier than before deflection . The engine Does not escape the focus of engineers . The gas control inherits the house electronic system called YCC- T, Which Allows Yamaha offers two maps on the FJR .

Other electronic bonus , and not really need this kind of heavy and Powerful engine , the traction control Makes icts appearance . The system Operates on the ignition timing and throttle .

Yamaha FJR 1300

Yamaha FJR 1300 Bikes Images

For good measure aussi comes a cruise -control particularly easy to use . In the process , the engineers revised the throttle body and exhaust that Count only two instead of Catalysts oven. The cylinder block swapped his shirt against a ceramic coating, Developed for sports brand technology .Generous equipment: Note aussi the new dashboard into three parts, with analog tachometer on the left , the digital speedometer in the center and a multifunction keypad on the right .

New stalks manage Many FJR equipment. The left can Easily switch from one user to Another mapping, the left one via two buttons to navigate through menus and settings electric bubble , heated grips , display screens of the on board computer from All which are the trips , consos , autonomy or temperatures.

Yamaha FJR 1300

Yamaha FJR 1300 Nice Bikes Pictures

A GT is not a GT without luggage and the FJR Does not fail to rule . His two suitcases , Carefully integrated to handle with ease and ( a ) poses in a jiffy . Able to Accommodate a full , HOWEVER , They fish and tormented by a Measured volume : slide a laptop is a challenge! Fortunately , small luggage rack can Accommodate an optional top box .Accessorised: Our FJR was Meant to showcase the accessories department of the mark, With Some valuable equipment for consumer use tourism to All which this engine is Intended  a bubble baffles feet high , anti -fall guards and deflectors hands .

It Would Almost regret having escaped the rain falling on our test ! High bubble in reading position , and perfectly protected Does not create depression pushing the driver forward .

In the lower position , for against, it causes ripples in the noisy helmet . No worries When taking natural hands position , a slight strain on the wrists , saddle reasonable height  height – adjustable saddle, all combine to feel comfortable, except the weight anyway therefore inherent in this kind of machines  289 kg fully fueled  .

Yamaha FJR 1300

Yamaha FJR 1300 Nice Bikes Photos

Soft controls and polished engine Reinforce the feeling of confidence.Call bitumen: We will not play along with the choice of maps : the user softens too engine responsiveness : useless , Especially as traction control , transparent, Does a very good job.

The much more fun  mode Allows to make the best bikes, without turning it into racing machine. Block 1300, remarkably resilient , Offering a Range That runs from idle to redline , from 1000 to 9000 rev / min !

If the power is there (146 hp ) at Any Time it is unleashed , and the maximum torque up set (138 Nm at 7000 rev / min) push you to get more free reports for reminders .

At constant speed, the four-legged distilled tiny vibrations in the handlebars , a characteristic we felt previous versions . Transmission Requires no comment , a guarantee of quality.

Yamaha FJR 1300

Yamaha FJR 1300 Nice Bikes Images

Braking , efficient, We were initially disappointed by His Lack of teeth . The handling of Machine Reviews another time immediately reassured us: biting is to go! Our Machine WAS probably Slightly frozen platelets .Imperial: Nothing to say for behavior. Suspensions , basic electronic sophistications facing increasingly present on this odd machine or more Accurately.

His Sister controlled clutch, the FJR 1300 AS, the FJR offers great performance , coupled with a very comfortable ” GT” . Only our passenger found the position Assigned to passenger Counted sparingly , Especially for legs and feet, calves rest against the forehead luggage .

His feet come into touch with Those of the pilot When he Asks the soles of His footrest . About behavior , We Did not ride with the same eagerness That Police Officers Who Have Preceded us riding this Machine :

They Almost sprayed the footrest to the power line to the ground ! This enthusiasm Reflects the quality of road behavior. Despite its age , the FJR remains a four -cylinder GT Among The Most pleasant to carry .

And the autobahn fans can tumble handle in the corner: FJR holds icts race calmly , with odd suitcases ! At speeds thesis there, drain the tank Will probably a little faster : for our part, be unemployed and without so far , the average consumption has stabilized at 6.1 L/100km , a respectable autonomy of 350 km before reserve ( 70-80 km ) .

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