Without fuel, Without a License and Without Autonomy

The small electric motorcycle Brammo has muscle. But it will soon.

New Bikes Pictures

New Bikes Pictures

Electric vehicles are a motley population from which we encounter all kinds. Most major manufacturers, of course, are interested but mostly under duress. These are often small companies are working extra hard on this forward-looking technology, yet open to all people of goodwill. It is believed to relive the computer of the 1980s, when the giant IBM mainframes and showed themselves disdainful of computing. Apple and Microsoft have served him wrong. Electricity is also like the Wild West: you never know what tribe is nestled behind the mountain.

So it is with a benevolent curiosity we took delivery at ATS, a Parisian dealer, electric Brammo. Brammo? A small American company located in Ashland , Oregon. The place already evokes nature, clean air, the nearby mountains and walks “zero emissions” so as not to upset the squirrels and marmots vehicle. The same ATS outlet decidedly trendy, we had recently allowed to try another electric motorcycle, the Zero DS , which is also an importer. This machine we were delighted with its performance and its autonomy, appearing to us as a kind of Tesla on two wheels .

The price of 125 cm3 four!

The Brammo did not play in the same school yard. When Zero offers more than 50 horses and nearly 200 km of autonomy, Brammo offers only 17.7 (13 kW) for a radius of 60 km. It’s not huge, but in the city, that should be enough … Big advantage, the Brammo is likened to a 125 cm3 or a scooter and can therefore operate with a single driving license.

The machine looks great. Its aluminum frame, the Marzocchi fork and Brembo brakes are worthy of a big engine. Contact. Nothing happens. You must first press a key imitating that of a starter. After a few seconds, the picture will issue a “GO!” Liberating and you can finally turn the handle. The machine shakes silently and force. Its acceleration is worthy of a good small thermal motorcycle. With its oversized cycle and low weight (145 pounds) part, it operates in the Paris traffic like a fish in water.

More precisely, like a fish in a home aquarium. Look at the gauge: it remains only 5 km of autonomy and we have yet gone a dozen! The instrumentation is it down? No! We had to push the Brammo taking after completing only 17.9 km. Recharge in three hours and a half for autonomy displayed, this time of … 24 km.

Brammo is not even Apple or even Tesla. Old case, electricity is not a new technology with an amateur when it comes to apply for individual mobility. But if you are still playing the early adopters (“early customers”) with this device that will most of the time unable to bring you to your destination, you will still pay the tidy sum of € 7,890. Four times the price of a good Honda CBF 125 refueling stations in all good service.

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