What Three Wheel Scooter Choose for School?

And if you pass the three wheels for school? It’s time for Piaggio, the inventor, was joined by an innovative competition.

Three Wheel Scooter

Three Wheel Scooter Bikes Pictures

Phew! If Piaggio kept exclusive for nearly six years on the three tilting wheels, competition has finally awakened.

For a two-wheeled scooter 125 cm3 “noble” as a Yamaha X-Max, a Piaggio X10 or Peugeot Satelis must now count 4,500 euros or more if you want the ABS. And it is limited by the power of small engine: rarely more than 110 km / h real, it’s a fair bit of highways, besides the absence of stimulus when two flows. However, if we add 1500 euros, change category by adding a third wheel, almost miraculous.

The arrival of the Piaggio MP3 in 2006 and LT 2008 – the latter being accessible driving license, even “more than 125 cm3” – has changed all that. Not only now, It was reached at much interesting performances, but there Piaggio added some gifts as vertical foreclosure stopped. Not only is this easier maneuvering in your garage and freed of “béquillages” (always natural for beginners), but not allowed to set foot on red, warm under the deck.

Three Wheel Scooter

Three Wheel Scooter Bikes Photos

The Safety First

The most important advantage of these devices is quickly revealed: security, perceived, but real. For beyond the reassuring these two points of support, there objectively, braking as cornering, always a wheel to catch any discrepancies on the other. To the point that manufacturers have hitherto found it necessary to adopt the ABS. However, neither has any plans to traction, which requires a certain delicacy to the acceleration in the rain, especially with the large 500 cm3, a little brutal.

Three Wheel Scooter

Three Wheel Scooter Bikes Images

The selection criteria of a conventional two-wheel (seat height) and more specifically a scooter (shape and size of the chest), we will not forget to add, before buying a three wheels, last selection point: the behavior of management. This can indeed be very disturbing, even make you allergic to this kind of gear. There is a significant gap between the large neutral and heavily filtered rolling Piaggio, which is accompanied by a lack of clarity at high speed and unwavering stability, but also the relative heaviness and roughness Quadro (Italian-Swiss brand ), the Peugeot is roughly located between these two extremes. A trial is therefore required before proceeding to act.

Piaggio: facelift

At Piaggio, no fewer than four models are available. The Yourban is slimmer, lighter and more interesting because it offers the best compromise at a very attractive price (from 6099 euros).

Three Wheel Scooter

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Performance is correct and staffing scarcely less rich than the “big” simply the trunk is less bulky.

As the MP3 300 and 500, the Yourban are in Business or Sport (200 euros more) versions, but it is only details of presentation (windshield, decoration).

Three Wheel Scooter

Three Wheel Scooter Nice Bikes Photos

Newness of spring, the Gilera Fuoco 500 LT wants to be more athletic, but it is also less practical (8 490 euros).

Quadro: Well Recaptured

The Quadro 3D disappointingly mechanical “old” (vibrations, performance), its suspension and its contents dry finish. The new 3S, only slightly more expensive (6990 euros), has corrected this with a new engine, improved connections to ground and a refined presentation.

Three Wheel Scooter

Three Wheel Scooter Nice Bikes Images

Its equipment is fairly simple, the less frank than vertical locking rivals, but its trunk is generous. Remains its size – it is 10 cm wider than its competitors – and behavior that can be confusing when cornering. It is however more stable than the Piaggio straight. A four-wheeled Quadro is announced for 2014.

Peugeot: Finally Developed

Three Wheel Scooter

Three Wheel Scooter Nice Bikes Pics

Preproduction version tested in the spring has revised its copy: the Metropolis “series” is perfectly realized. The finish is excellent, the equipment at the zenith (keyless ignition, monitoring tire pressure), its practical aspects very neat (flat floor storage).

Three Wheel Scooter

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Engine and transmission are also impeccable, with the softness of 300 and 500 benefits from Piaggio. The suspension are less soft than the LT, but the sharpness of the ride is much higher. Rest agility down compared to MP3, and a prohibitive price: 8 EUR 999, no less!

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