Vespa Primavera: The Story Continues

Vespa Primavera, an icon, a style of life that starts in 1968 to revolutionize and change the world.

These were the years of the desire for freedom and the Vespa Primavera embodied, that ‘unchanged desire of young people to stand out from the crowd, that dream of discovering the world through a fast mobility, agile, personalized.

Vespa Primavera

Vespa Primavera Bikes Pictures

It was his dream to the natural desire to get out of any conceptual scheme, Vespa Primavera did fall in love for its brilliance, for his spirit free from America to Western Europe that had broken every rule with the past.

The 60s were the years of the revolution, the protest of young people and their desire to change the world, and so the Vespa Primavera as a first and fundamental element in an important historical period for our country.

In the years, that followed there were various editions of the Vespa PX from the 70s, where through the simple two-wheeled motorized young people were able to travel and encounter new adventures exploration of a world unknown to them. The PX marked an era where style and freedom prevailed in families, because the revolution of a model created to win was just the beginning.

Vespa Primavera

Vespa Primavera Bikes Photos

The new Vespa Primavera is a real leap into the future of the model that preceded it, change is often a source of simple tweaks and upgrades, all of which, however, has not affected the new Vespa Primavera than the model that preceded it, not has in common a bolt, a screw!

Forms, that do not go unnoticed, a manufacturing technology, that launches the new Vespa Primavera in a niche motorcycle that is unrivaled by sediolino performance, driving style to the inherent personality of this new model, Piaggio Vespa Primavera is stated in a market characterized by strong contrasts dictated by the economy, but in spite of that all-conquering, fascinates, let dream.

A precious style, that after 18 million vehicles sold on five continents, today harks back to the 60s with a truly innovative technology.

Vespa Primavera

Vespa Primavera Bikes Images

The body of the new Vespa Primavera is made ​​of sheet steel by acting as a carrier: this has given rise to a stiffness than ever before.

In order to lower the center of gravity and make the new Vespa Primavera more agile, the battery has been moved to central rail, allowing at the same time to increase the capacity of the underseat compartment, increasing its capacity from 14.3 to 16.6 liters.

In spite of the Vespa LX, Vespa Primavera on the motor connection to the body is realized with a system of arms in two degrees of freedom with rubber pads, a unique construction technique for the market segment occupied by the new entry Piaggio, which allows a substantial increase in comfort through a drastic reduction of vibrations.

Vespa Primavera

Vespa Primavera Nice Bikes Pictures

Innovative is the front suspension, where the traditional pattern single arm, hallmark has always been the Vespa, has been completely redesigned: the shock is attached to the wheel by an aluminum support via a hinge pin, a novelty than the Vespa LX foresaw the fixing through two screws.

From the standpoint of motoring, the new Vespa Spring mounts modern engines 3 Valves in versions 125 and 150.

The single cylinder 4-stroke air-cooled, with 3 distribution valves are characterized by an outstanding power and fuel consumption really low.

We got to try a preview of the new Vespa Primavera along the streets of Barcelona (Spain) before trying the 150 version and then the 125. The excellent road holding that has always characterized the modern Vespas reaches a limit even higher on the new Spring: its agility allows easy de-commitments in traffic, with a tangible stability since the early kilometers.

Good performance of the 125, the 150 good ones, where increased power compared to his younger sister is found both during the acceleration phase of extension, the situation where the new Vespa Primavera provides ample evidence of being the daughter of the most modern Italian technology.

Beautiful and full instrumentation, which reinterprets the classic modern presence of the speedometer with more information on petrol and odometer.

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