Vespa Primavera Bring On The Spring

Fascinating story than the wasp  Born in 1946, the need for mobility at low cost in a war-torn Europe, She Knew year immediate success.

It Will Be beaten in the face with the return of opulence and all-access-all in a car. Times Became harder to Pontedera, a strong purpose and a global distribution frame allowed the plant to this crisis, Contrary to almost  all  Competitors.


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Italian style, one side vintage  irresistible and cities on the verge of suffocation Provide today the Italian brand growing success. If sales of Piaggio group Suffer on our domestic market however , Know That global sales-have Increased by more than twenty percent this year!Vespa has created a buzz last year with 946 icts sculptural unattainable goal . This beautiful object That Would fit into a design museum  is Indeed Proposed to unaffordable price of  9,000 . At this price , you are not Likely to cross every street corner ! Lines 946 yet Announced the future of Vespa, All which occurs with the presentation of the new Barcelona Primavera .

Replacing the LX , the Primavera takes the name of the Vespa Was Born in 1968 , the stylistic Elements of the 946 , and mechanical Recently Implanted in the LX , the 125cc block three valves , electronic fuel injection and cooling air Introduced last June .

Che bella: Detailing our ” Primavera” wisely parked on the streets of Barcelona, ​​we measure the time immediately progress in relation to the LX range. That finish without reaching of the 946 , is breathtaking .


Vespa Bikes Photos

Stamped sheet hyper adjusted and perfectly lacquered drastic reduction of plastic parts , finish and color of the saddle , handlebar controls on bright metal parts , refined dashboard information more generous than before , not a scooter on the market with the new can is incumbent Vespa in terms of workmanship . Flawless and definitely a highlight of the Primavera ! The press release speaks of precious style , and we can Prove him wrong . The refined design of the rear flanks , convex and concave icts with surfaces plays in the light . It emphasizes an elongated shape , a nod to the first Vespa discreet , and meets a refined apron highlighting the steering column , odd year evocation of the past .

Italianissima: The elegance nestles everywhere , simply detailing the handhold highlighting chrome saddle , discrete signals , and fully integrated Reduced flush with the body size , with edge LED DRL , the lighthouse gets icts chrome trim  or the elegant design of the wheels .


Vespa Bikes Images

Aussi admire the ranks of colors available : White montebianco, Midnight Blue , Red Dragon, Brown Crete Senesi, Marechiaro Blue , Black Vulcan , beautiful colors That play with the three colors used to the saddle , the perennial black is absent.Funzionale: Purpose unlike the 946 , the Primavera Does not Waive the feature ! Compared to LX , the latest Sees His saddle A Few millimeters lower , while more storage space under it (16.6 liters instead  of 14.3) , thins the deck to make it easier to put feet on the ground . With the design of the saddle corrected boarding is made ​​available to more small people feel much more Who Will comfortable.

Moderna: Much larger than the LX , the Primavera is yet more welcoming and ergonomic . The space between the handlebars and saddle covers, small details , color: such as moving the battery in the center sill to the floor While She Was perched high in the saddle , Improves mass centralization , the Ability payload and engine access. In this beautiful dress inherited from a long line and unmistakable as a Vespa aussi hide some new features.


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If the recent  3V  engine has -been already seen on the latest LX and 946 , it is now connected to the body by new fixations Limiting vibration. The front suspension rocker , real Vespa signing is here to Completely redesigned for reduce friction. The shock absorber is now attached to an aluminum carrier All which connects to the wheel by a pivot pin .Barcelona: In the crowded streets of Barcelona, ​​Primavera feels like a fish in water ! Prompt to start at a red light , it pulls with enthusiasm to a good 60 – 70 km / h before gently out of steam . The speed must reach a good 100 km / h , our new goal Vespas steep less than 50 km on the clock  are not really released .

This little tip to search the maximum speed allowed us to measure the progress of the youngest face His eldest great : stability at high speeds Increased Significantly . Wheels eleven inches at the rear to the edge as there are no strangers Certainly , the more rigid hull and the wheelbase Slightly revised upwards Either .

The good news is the handling That has  yet to lose anything . Comfort remains below the  big” Vespa GT , goal Gives this little Vespa real pleasure . RAS for braking : the suspension pendulum Does not know the effects of diving in a conventional telescopic fork , a little extra  nice .

Will Be available later , purpose do not act on the rear drum . Suspicion therefore , it tend to block Easily tested on machines. Lapping Perhaps the more conciliatory visit . Primavera managed this feat to mingle with talent finish and refined style to comply with a rich history , Offering a product perfectly suited for the city. Hard to resist Such an offer.

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