New with Red Honda Motorcycle,Suzuki valenti and Evo Set!

 There are those who quietly wait for the storm of the recession going on … and there are those who take the opportunity to go into overdrive!

New Bikes Pictures

New Bikes Pictures

This is the case of the company, Euroboost historic HM Honda distributor in France, which announces major changes for the future, with the distribution of enduro Suzuki Valenti and especially the arrival of a new line of motorcycle Enduro 2 time Evo-Set, developed by Euroboost based on the Italian Enduro TM!
Actor and distributor of off-road motorcycling in France since 2002, Euroboost engages in an aggressive development by deploying its commercial offers to its distribution network to better respond to market developments. Until, exclusive partner of HM Moto Euroboost expands its offering through four brands, each with ss range of respective products.

 HM Moto 50 and 125 cm3: Enduro and Supermotard for young

50cc Supermoto and Enduro ranges across six models like the Enduro and shared between 2-stroke engines and 4-stroke 125cc Supermoto ranges are still the gateway to the commercial offer Euroboost keys.

 Honda replaces Honda Motorcycle Red by HM

In recent weeks, the approval of Honda CRF Enduro and Supermotard version is performed by Red Moto, since its production in Italy, under an exclusive agreement with Honda. In logic and history of its partnership with Honda pursuit Euroboost distribute all of these models in France from November.

Suzuki Valenti Valenti: Two newcomers to catalog

First evidence of diversification, Euroboost now distribute four models of 50 cm3 Enduro and Supermotard Valenti, recognized the Italian off-road for nearly 30 years actor.

Valenti also specialized for many years for approval of models 250 and 450 Cross Suzuki RM-Z 450 and RM-X version Enduro and Supermotard. In its new orientation Euroboost commercialize officially in France in five models from October.

New Bikes Photos

New Bikes Photos

Evo-Set: The answer 2-stroke Enduro
The new size is the birth of the brand motorcycle Enduro Evo-Set in 125, 250 and 300 cm3, to meet market expectations for 2-stroke and thus ensure the widest range of products in the Euroboost catalog.

These bikes are built on the basis of a perimeter aluminum frame and produced on the basis of technical TM, according to specifications established by Euroboost. We note as well the adoption of high-end equipment (UPSD Kayaba fork, Öhlins shock) and some engine adjustments. The Evo-Set 250 and 300 will be available from November 20132 and 125 in December.


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