Trike Tri Glide Ultra 2014 Harley France Expands its Customer B Permits

In 2014, an unexpected novelty arrives in dealerships Harley-Davidson in France: the three-wheeled Tri Glide Ultra. Xavier Crépet, marketing and communications director HD France, reveals that high quality Trike and objectives.


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Take an Electra Glide and are grafting him two large wheels 205 mm rear: you get the Tri Glide Ultra, a three-wheeled luxury and ultra-comfortable signed Harley-Davidson.

In fact, the approach is not new: Harley Trikes manufactures and markets several years … but not on our side of the Atlantic.

“The Trike HD already traveling in the U.S., but for reasons that approval took time to import in Europe,” said Xavier Crépet, marketing and communications director of Harley-Davidson France questioned by Moto-Net.Com. 2014 therefore marks an important milestone for the French subsidiary, as for Piaggio MP3 or Can-Am Syder, driving the Tri Glide Ultra does not require a motorcycle license, which opens new perspectives for the American brand.

Now, just hold the car license (B) and the mandatory training seven hours to get into the “family” Harley-Davidson. For some fans of the brand that the passage of motorcycle license repels is the unexpected opportunity to realize his “American Dream”!

Provided, however, have the means: enjoying all the improvements to the Touring range in 2014, the Tri Glide Ultra is trading at a price of € 35 990 black and 36,790 euros in two-tone colors (see our presentation Complete Touring HD 2014 ). Xavier Crépet tells us more about this unexpected new 2014 interview.

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Harley-Davidson Bikes Photos

Powered by Twin-Cooled “High Output” of 1690 cc, the new Twin Cam 103 air-water cooling launched in 2014, the Trike Tri Glide Ultra is for three-wheeled road luxurious Electra Glide. At the front, he received a 16 inch rim with a tire 90 mm ​​wide, while the rear axle is composed of two 16-inch wheels and 205 mm wide. Large (2670 mm long and 545 kg empty), he embarked 22.71 liters of fuel and can carry weapons and luggage in the spacious trunk of 124 liters behind the “chair” passenger. Duo and fully charged, the 138 Nm of torque the new Twin Cam air-water will be involved!

During maneuvers, the driver can happily simplify the task with the electric reverse, operated on the left stalk. As the new Touring 2014 Tri Glide Ultra receives new multimedia system “Boom Box”, with 6.5 inch color touch screen and a high-performance sound system. Also, it is equipped with unique braking system coupled discovered on the range Touring Harley 2014 .

Moto-Net.Com: What are the reasons that led to offer the HD Trike Tri Glide Ultra with (tri) French bikers? The success of other cruisers three-wheeler as the Can Am Spyder (read our particular test the Spyder RT-S )?

Xavier Crépet, marketing and communications director Harley-Davidson France: All certification work is completed, we can now present on the European market. We know there is a demand from our customers and prospects for this type of vehicle brand, regardless of the experience of other brands that concept is quite different from ours.

M.-NC: Before this vintage 2014, how should proceed customers who were interested in the Harley Trike? Could they get in touch with their dealership to have imported a model directly from the U.S. or another country?

XC: Previously, the number of customers buying a Harley in the network then approached preparers as EML. Outside the transformation that could be expensive, they lost the manufacturer’s warranty of two years.

M.-NC: In which category of vehicle that Trike Glide Ultra does it come in? He requires a motorcycle license (A), or car license (B) and training seven hours enough?

XC: This trike can be accessible to all licenses A and B license with training from 7am, which opens up a whole new clientele …

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