The Patenting of Motorcycles Grew 12 Percent Year on Year in August

It sold 56,247 units compared with the same month of 2012. In the full year increased 9 percent reached.

New Bikes Pictures

New Bikes Pictures

The sale of motorcycles follows the same path as the vehicles and 481,000 units over the year is on track to set a new record.

According to the Association Argentina motor vehicle (MOTTOS) the number of units in August patented motor vehicle totaled 56,247, showing an increase of 12% compared to the same month of 2012, in which 50,338 had been patented shot.

Thus, in the eight months of the year, completed a motor vehicle accumulated 481,338, an increase of 9% compared against last year accumulated which had been patented to date 442 650 units.

“After a start to the year in which the first three months compared to the year showed a decline, began an upward trend that has lasted five months in a row, and this month has reached 12%, which allows us to project a figure of 720,000 units, such as floor, for all of 2013, and to be set as new record, “said Diego Dinitz, President of MOTTOS.

The executive added that it needs to use the inertia of a rapidly-growing market to continue to generate opportunities for dealerships around the country and work for a safer market, formal and sustainable.

“We are working with the relevant agencies and authorities in the area in the coming months we realize the two axes have set as a priority. Below are the implementation of the technical verification, to be held in the commercial network and a trust for dealers to provide financing alternatives to provide access to the motor vehicle. “completed Dinitz.

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