The Motorcycle Show In Paris Opened Doors

The Motorcycle Show In Paris Opened Doors

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Approximately 1,500 journalists yesterday Moved to discover the 2013 vintage of Motorcycle Show. A bit like Beaujolais nouveau everyone waits to see what Will taste the market , and discover the new trends and magnified by hostesses always pretty . More than 420 brands are present this year , and Given the traffic on the journalistic places can be reassured about the appeal on two wheels still exerts on the crowds .

The Motorcycle Show In Paris Opened Doors

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Follow us for a stroll through the aisles of the Exhibition Park of Porte de Versailles. Kawasaki introduces new icts Z1000 ( Z1000 and SE) on a stand requiring brand colors . Announced a fabulous sound they will tell you as soon as That one has tried  and a first for the brand  the use of LED headlamps That for reduce power consumption while Having an optimized lighting . Kawa aussi exposed us to a crippled young A2 license release of the Z800 : Z800 -e . The bike announces 95 horses on the technical details , and limited to 35 KW or 47.5 horses as required by law for ‘ Rossi ‘ grass .

A customized version of of the fabulous ZZR 1400 is parked on the stand , as if ready to pounce at the Slightest touch of the right handle : special black and green dress and a Name That says it all : Performance Sport ! Equipped with a pot Akrapovic , the beast of what to send much more than reasonable .

The Motorcycle Show In Paris Opened Doors

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A coast bodybuildée His big sister found the new Z1000 SX, equipped with anti slip KTRC and bags available as an option in the entrance to the pit : a scooter! Requires Application , Kawasaki offers a novelty : the J300 scooter. 299 cm3 to 28 horses is available in 3 colors : gray , black or our favorite  flat black metallic anthracite / green candy flat blazed Because it shows the brand colors : green Highlighted in black .

The Motorcycle Show In Paris Opened Doors

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On the Suzuki stand , our gaze was Attracted by the queen mother : the GSX- R 1000 goal in a different dress That she wears on the roads and tracks. Now called Premium Edition, this model is only available in 100 copies for a fee of  18,000. 185 horsepower packed into the aluminum frame chrome dual beam , alloy wheels and a new design make the terribly desirable motorcycle .Small round at Yamaha Have you presents His MT-07 . It comes Effective the MT- 01, 03 and 09 , Whose new album, seventh of the name is Largely based . Very modern and dynamic , the bike is to cut the sickle and an aura of aggression . A MT-09 “Street -Rally ” also struts on the stand and made ​​His craneuse costs  8.599 for the basic version and 9,099 equipped with ABS Another novelty . 400 -SR , draws our gaze . Well , They Did so: it Will Be distributed in France , Which Was Not Originally Planned .

The demand WAS Such, with the establishment of a Facebook page dedicated to this model, the manufacturer Decided to give forks distributing this “small ” model on the old continent. It Will Be sold  5.900. A pass through the stand Bmw Allows us to discover a beautiful nine R T. Black, sleek aim wish not stripped , it Represents the essence and the spirit of the bike: simplicity , adventure and thrills . Sold  15,000 , the bike features the latest BMW technology and more than Satisfactory performance in a vintage spirit again. The S1000 -R aussi draws our attention to in a red dress ” Racing Red” , the ” 4 cylinders in line ” brand to the propeller , hyper sport, Appears to  12.800 .

The Motorcycle Show In Paris Opened Doors

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No , we -have not forgotten the winged brand Honda . Our ride on the stand allowed us to rediscover the wonderful CB 1100- EX . This new version of the CB- 1100 map plays more “Old School” and “Vintage” worthy descendant of the 750 Four it is presented in a white version of rims with sublime rays Tighter odd side ” seventies” motorcycle . Our way home was marked by the discovery of a F6 -C quite impressive . Part of a GoldWing , the rear and front parts Were removed to give birth to a “Muscle Bike ” impressive in size , the engine and look. Powered by a 6 cylinder 1800 cm3, the monster what to do , both, in acceleration for the couple. How to get to the Motorcycle Show Ducati without visiting the stand ?

It Would be a crime of lese – majesty so this is not a hurry Abebooks web Went to the Italian stand. And as we’ve done a magnificent Panigale (pronounced ” Panigale ” we are in Italy) awaits us , isolated on a white podium, and coated with a fluorescent orange paint : the ” Superleggera ” translate “extra light” . Beautiful ( or beast is optional) lost 12kg on the scale through the use of Specific materials :

such as magnesium , titanium ( for pot Akrapovic ) and carbon fiber and displays a hallucinatory power 200 horses! Limited to only 500 copies , this more radical version of That Is sold € 65,000 ! Much wiser , a classic brand : Monster 1200 is made ​​135 horsepower version as a reminder , this model was voted “Most Beautiful Motorcycle of the Year” at the last show in Milan.

The Motorcycle Show In Paris Opened Doors

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Remain in Italian and make a detour to the stand Piaggio , All which includes Aprilia, Derbi , Vespa and Moto Guzzi brands on the stand. Piaggio offer plenty of entertainment on the show in 2013 , Including customizing live a Moto Guzzi V7 on 6-7 December, dedication driver Sylvain Guitolli WSBK Aprilia December 7 , photo sessions aboard the Vespa 946. You can perform tests on tracks with the MP3 300 and 300 models Yourban 125 cm3: Fly and Liberty .

Always party for Scooters ewent to see what was happening at the side of Peugeot Where there : surprise, we Discovered a new product: Django. After the recent release of 3 -wheel Metropolis 400i , the Lion offers a brand new scooter, 2 wheels, this time around , and in a totally vintage spirit ( well, once again! ..) Inspired Vespa, the manufacturer HAS taken the best Italian in style and offers a wide choice of models: 50 cm3, 125 cm3 and 150 cm3 ( Unfortunately only released in Italy), and versions : Heritage , Escape, Sport and Allure .

The colors Will make you crack Bitons fail with superb paintings : white / orange – white / yellow and many others – pistachio green / white . The price is not disclosed , the purpose porridge this little scooter shoulds crack more than one, more than one . “Mod ” effect guaranteed , and a return to the past succulent .

The Motorcycle Show In Paris Opened Doors

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MBK meanwhile exposes a 3 wheel scooter (normal, the French market is the first of this kind of product ) : the Tryptik . After Piaggio Mp3 and Peugeot and Metropolis , Yamaha and Tricity , MBK comes with Tryptik equipped with a single cylinder 4-stroke 125 cm3.

Our impressions as soon as, again , We Could perform the test. After this round already quite full , and a restful break Effective ( sandwich -pee -cigarette for smokers or vice versa) Do not hesitate to go through the stand to discover a beautiful Norton Commando 951 , teaches resurrected here offers Between  19.995 for the Sport Version and  25,000 for a Café Racer release . Appeared in 1967 , the Norton is the most famous brand , the model has lounge look That Would crack all lovers of the brand , and vintage .

We end our tour with stand Voxan Effective passing in MV Agusta to discover a Rivale year in original painting : military camouflage. Italian motorcycle is Transformed by a 3 -cylinder 125 horsepower Developing unit to 170 kg unusual , this version is sold  12.590 .
Voxan 100 % brand owned by French and Reviews another French brand: Venturi since 2010 , and led by Gildo Pastor.

Perched on a podium facing a U.S. aluminum trailer : a monster ! You can say , the only model 2 wheel set by the monstrous brand is 100% electric, it Develops 200 horsepower to 350 kg and down the 0-100 km / h in 3.4s . In the prototype , it is equipped with lithium batteries, and MOST of the weight is Concentrated in the lower portion of the vehicle for better stability at high speed . The wattman is his name could well Accompany batman In His movements look as His Seems out of a comic Marvel Comic ‘s.

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