The “Challenge-Nine” YAMAHA MT-09

 For 2014, Yamaha Motor France offers owners of MT-09 Challenge-Nine. This cut six events, allow amateur competitors to compete on four types of events: speed, endurance, rally and hill climb. The pleasure will be to go for the drivers!


YAMAHA MT-09 Bikes Pictures

For many years of motorcycle racing, It is animated by monotype formulas, that are designed to promote competition and help pilots’ careers. ” The approach is very elitist, it seemed necessary to Yamaha Motor France to return to formula one racing more affordable for the pleasure to take part in the most beautiful events that contribute to radiation and culture of motorcycle sport in France .

Just as the “TDR Fun Cup” or the “XJR 1300 Cup” in their time, the Challenge-Nine associated with the MT-09, aims to create a new life in the field of amateur competition.

Its qualities, the MT-09 is comfortable in all fields of road competition. For performance, the competition promises to be spectacular. For its price, the availability of this formula for the greatest number, should be facilitated.

Program, four types of competition: speed, endurance, rally, hill climb. Six different events affected coefficients, 1 or 2 to reach a total of nine on the season.


YAMAHA MT-09 Bikes Photos

Part of the prestigious competition will, as already, the calendar has events on the most beautiful circuits in combination with the finest French tests: Speed, the opening MotoGP rally conclusion of Dark Dog Moto Tour, rebirth a test of 200 miles on the Castellet circuit … The pleasure will be to go for the drivers!

The regulation will be extremely strict about the level of technical preparation of the bike that will stay very close to the original configuration. By cons, some freedom is left to the pilots for their equipment and decorations to encourage and reward the most carefully through a “trophy look” customizations. Other trophies involving dealers will also be introduced.

Beyond endowments documents provided for each race and overall in the season, some grants will they also innovative: the top three drivers in the Challenge-Nine Yamaha MT-09 will be invited to participate in the Bol d’Or 2015 category Stocksport 1000. As a bonus, the winner of the Challenge-Nine Yamaha MT-09 will have the opportunity to participate in the event “classic” of his choice, Spa, Dijon or Imola, riding an old Yamaha official Grand Prix.


YAMAHA MT-09 Bikes Images

 Challenge Nine, which should be limited to fifty participants, will include six events involving four disciplines, each multiplied by a coefficient (2 for speed and endurance, one for the rally and hill climb) to reach a total of nine late in the season.

The schedule should include several prestigious events such as the opening GP of France in 2014 at Le Mans for the speed test, the conclusion of the Dark Dog Moto Tour 2014 event rally, a 200-mile race at Le Castellet for endurance, etc.. Continued on MNC: stay tuned!

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