The Big Boss Of BMW Motorrad Trusts

Hendrik von Kuenheim Resumed early this year the reins of the department motorcycle brand to the propeller . The goal is clear , and in one word growth .


BMW Bikes Photos

Buying husqvarna Participate in the ambitious figure of 150,000 units for motorcycle sales in 2012 , an Increase of 50 %.

The expertise of BMW is known ( and reconnu) In broad segments of tourism , sportivo -GT and trails. These models remain essential to the future ranks of BMW Motorrad . This is particularly true for models boxer .

The original concept of the flat-twin is therefore still promised a long future at BMW Motorrad .


To Significantly Increase sales figures and reach new customers , the brand Gives an odd more sporty and dynamic way to Addressing Targeted market segments BMW Motorrad Where Was Not air still present to this day .

The HP2 models and range F -have already Provided the first pulse . In 2008 , shows the R 1200 GS and GS Adventure deeply journals . On March 8, the new twin models BMW F 800 GS and F 650 GS BMW -have aussi , Celebrated Their early trading .

The sale of the exclusive BMW HP2 Sport aussi Began on March 8, and in the second half , the trail Sport BMW G 450 X Will enrich the ranks of motorcycles in an Entirely new segment for BMW, Who believes Many enduro development .

The segment Focused at all on the field competition is particularly significant in the United States , goal aussi in southern Europe and Australia . Husqvarna Motorcycles is already present in countries thesis and is the perfect complement to BMW motorrad .

The Big Boss Of BMW Motorrad Trusts

BMW Bikes Pictures

The first feedback from markets Makes Hendrik von Kuenheim very optimistic . Globally , demand exceeds odd yet producing capacity . Especially this is the southern European markets : such as Spain , Italy and Greece , the demand exceeds expectations . The F 800 GS Especially Appeals to customers who calculated previously rode a motorcycle from Another brand .

New markets

BMW Motorrad damaged deliberately engaged in new ways to continue to grow while Maintaining Profitability its and to accomplish achieve the expected growth in volumes.

Hence the decision inter alia to compete in the supersports segment on both the road and on the racetrack the challenge is great. Especially the Japanese -have about 20 years experience in advance in this category .

The Big Boss Of BMW Motorrad Trusts

BMW Bikes Images


The challenge will be noted , however, with a highly motivated development team working to be ble to jump next year with a convincing world Superbike Championship and offers a series of motorcycle Equally compelling package.

The media race

With fascination from this bike, with the genes of the race, the image of BMW Motorrad is enriched with a new sporty and emotional component to inspire new customers to the brand .

BMW motorrad wants to commit long term in this segment , too significant to be left ignored . Currently , about 100,000 bikes are sold worldwide in the category of 1000cc , All which most of the United States and Europe.

The four major Japanese manufacturers share about 85 percent of this market .

BMW S 1000 RR

These Attempts at conquest materialize with the presentation of the BMW S 1000 RR , with complete specifications remain unknown to this day , due to Ongoing development .

We Imagine that they are unlikely to stray too far from the guns Being the designated competition . We do not meet again on duolever , purpose traction control Will Be well in the game .

It aussi expected to design a very ” BMW ” should Easily all which stand out from the Gang of 4.

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