Test Kawasaki Z1000 2014 Total Control

Test Kawasaki Z1000 2014 Total Control

Kawasaki Z1000 Bikes Pictures

The new Z1000 is therefore not hand of a white paper: it takes more or less the cycle from version 2013 (read our test of the 2010-2013 release of the Z1000 All which it offers to lighter rims, goal also a new showa fork more efficient. The turning radius also Reduced by 2, Which Does not make U-turns and Does not help to turn short.

At least, stability is to go up and the bike shows and alert Sufficiently strong, stable, odd if we find it just has some firmness to-any suspension That May because Logically Some bursts. The price of a good stability and excellent feel once you decided to up the pace on Good coating.

No need to try this new Z1000 refined, up to cliches of sports roadster: no support except the optional ABS, no complex of power to spare and total control offert by a hand of the cycle more balanced leaving still A few moves in the management, in short, a Z1000 as desired its since launch Nearly there 10 years.


Test Kawasaki Z1000 2014 Total Control

Kawasaki Z1000  Bikes Photos

For the rest of the exchange , it Will look at the 4 – cylinder engine 1043 cm3, All which aussi identiques to the base of the previous model . However , he received beautiful, and Ultimately , Many technical Developments. Purpose Rather than return to the mechanical aspects , concretely see the benefit ! At idle , simply release the clutch to start putting odd without a blip , and Almost Regardless of the selected gear .

The exhaust new generation offers a hoarse sound and Powerful metal from 6000 rev / min Becoming , while the one is surprised by the intensity of His constant reactions. Start sixth can start up to over 250 km / h if we are to believe the final report elongated and Flexibility found. This engine health and it shows with Each rotation of the wrist , Offering made ​​by injection with onions optimal control. Kawasaki engines , it is a long and beautiful history , and this perpetuates Z with talent.

Raises are bright , perfectly controlled vibration (a very significant points) and discreetly present without ever Being obtrusive . The torque is Involved at all levels , with maximum at 6000 icts rev / min peak . For icts hand, the power relays and Easily Provides additional energy and Enhancing sensations and impulses , of course , fun .

Around 8000 rev / min , a diet for Z , the free push is Accompanied by a good draw on the arms . We must admit That as soon as you Exceed spaces the motorway ( 130 km / h real) , the flow and the flow of air is felt on the chest , nicely though. Then , cervical heart will Withstand the pressure (head down a fork , It Has advantages , goal also the limits  , and arms to hang on the lovely handlebar . The positon of conduct Reveals surprising and natural, while we never will struggle to handle. Surprising and nice for a sports roadster in the soul !

Test Kawasaki Z1000 2014 Total Control

Kawasaki Z1000 Bikes Images

The driver and passenger footpegs are racing category . They offer excellent grip ! The filler cap is hingedly mounted . The optical LED forehead . 4 ring operating in pairs , daytime running lights are ” squint ” the bike, while the full side lights 4 bed . Successful visibility level : the power and range are waiting for you . Pls new exhausts are Shorter and higher , it Contributes much to the sound That AC line and we appreciate Their look, massive even.


Even the saddle impeccable grip pitches in to bring a lot of  comfort . Very thin at icts arcade, it can Easily put your feet on the ground, while the wide rear , raised , set up against the tank ideal shape for the legs .

Real pleasure , extended by the efficiency of the integrated backsplash small: we will hold the coccyx as ever on this kind of motorcycle . Decidedly , this Z1000 2014 is full of resources ! Fortunately in this seat can not be found no Sufficient room for a U -lock or a disk block, one Otherwise Would Have Thought That We Were wrong category motorcycle.


Test Kawasaki Z1000 2014 Total Control

Kawasaki Z1000 Nice Bikes Pictures

Here for presentations , an engine purpose , it is not everything , odd if it helps. Again and again , the 2014 Z1000 surprising level handling , Improved Because the engine so easy to control and restrict transfers , odd Freeing the need for help with traction.

The Z is a pure and simple sense motorcycle , a motorcycle That icts designers wanted “simple” , maximum freedom to its allowing drivers . It Has Accustomed us to a Firmer damping , Certainly , this goal time , the big piston fork Gives extra comfort and precision in the far less obvious direction. Lightness , too , Despite The 220 ​​kilos Announced . The weight distribution is ideal , Because as low exhausts, and if it is a little less obvious to swing at an angle other than the MT-09 gold CB1000 R.

The under- seat storage opens with the lock located in. the wheel arch. It is available and well placed. The monoshock arrièreà horizontal gas -type Back -Link is fully adjustable preload and rebound .

It is effective , purpose quite original farm, jumping over bumps without bouncing . Entered The air is discrete , and Completely redesigned intake Contributes to sound fun , Which Was the subject of much attention. Besides the exhaust hoarse and deep , powerful , we appreciate the sucking noise and Raisonnance the airbox .

Intuitive , the Z1000 is 2104 stall qualities and a feast Andalusian roads on All which we’re taking right now . Dunlop D214 ‘s, riding Specific origin , Including Good show, odd if the low temperature of the road and not using the room to be heated . They Contribute to good feelings and mix well with our release of the ABS optional excellent traction and grip Providing Sufficient . They show, too comfortable.

Test Kawasaki Z1000 2014 Total Control

Kawasaki Z1000 Nice Bikes Photos

Do not worry if this reference is unknown to you and if you can not find in France , the new Dunlop SportSmart 2 are there to further Increase the liveliness of the front axle and at least equivalent performance Ensure while Being registered for the Z1000 . As for braking , fully radial Obviously he enjoys the choices made ​​to Improve icts feel and power .

At the front, a real treat to put in all the fingers , All which enjoy Being ble to adjust the distance of the lift . Only regret, For Those Who use the rear brake much : our test models , only well- versed , About did not offer a very good feeling and most importantly , a very limited travel of the pedal giving a hard difficulty and return to dose. Fortunately , ABS grain and watched Showed very efficient and discreet , while showing Good reactions. Provides Bosh Have you , is the right choice for this new vintage !

In fast corners , the Z1000 in 2014 Showed a remarkably steady untile  relief  bump all which causes a slight movement in the wake Towards stabilizing Encountered . What to brighten the path ! Similarly , fully loaded , the Z Lightens forward and shows its That wheelbase is short .

Reactive to possible Then it flows through a series of Rapidly banked turns and tight with the same insurance. Slow ? What placed on the ground, the Z1000 fully reassured while we do not look That only the counter . Except for Trying to find a gear indicator , All which does not exist . Then we pass the Following deferral if remains : that the diet and Its engine are misleading .

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