Test Yamaha YZ250F 2014 Force Blue!

Since the time we claimed it, at last, behold, the new generation Yamaha YZ250F! And it has not been idle for the vintage Yamaha Cross 2014 after a thoroughly revised 450 is a brand new 250 4 stroke that stands before us. Neither one nor two, here we are on track to deliver our sensations preview.

Yamaha YZ250F 2014

Yamaha YZ250F 2014 Bikes Pictures

Like its big brother YZ-F 450 , Yamaha 250 YZ-F had changed dramatically in 2010, including a new chassis, but without changing its old 4-stroke 5 valves.

Since we were all expecting an updated page from the Blues, who were slow to change their engine block, always faithful to a carburetor. A power which, incidentally, was fishing in any performance side, but perhaps a bit more in terms of ease of adjustment.

Well he has to be patient, but Yamaha has not done things with a YZ 250 F-2014 completely redesigned from its predecesora … prédécessrice … what it was before! The small four-time cross is now very close to the 450 that is in terms of design, aesthetics, and chassis technology.

Yamaha YZ250F 2014

Yamaha YZ250F 2014 Bikes Photos

Sober as a Yamaha!

A quick tour of the bike is needed and how often, the 2014 Yamaha YZ250F has a sense of seriousness with a quality finish which suffers no reproach. At most, the air filter cover at the location of the classic tank cap he denotes a bit, but the tastes and colors …

Footrests wide and catchy, a floating front disc, tees color magnesium fork, Pro Taper handlebars and especially a collector that wraps around the cylinder to provide a racy little blue button, although obviously we would still more … It regrets the disappearance of the original engine guard.

Saddle, references with the old model are far. Provided ergonomics is welcoming regarding the controls and cockpit. But the Yamaha 250 YZ-F is now a common chassis with the 450, so, it seems to be on a 450! The bike appears to be widening between the legs, especially at the radiator shrouds. Rest assured it is far from a ship, but the smoothness of the previous YZF we lack a bit.

Without further ado, we rushed forward on the perfectly prepared, harrowed and watered the Moto Club North 77, Vincy-Manoeuvre track.

Yamaha YZ250F 2014

Yamaha YZ250F 2014 Bikes Images

Healthy, But not Comfortable

The first session of taxiing, as always with Yamaha motorcycle with 100% standard configuration, both the injection mapping for the control suspensions. We realize very quickly that the bike is strong, very strong!

The front seems very rigid, which will no doubt delight very good drivers who will return safe braking holes without apprehension. But for the average driver, it’s a bit much. We really appreciate a little more comfort in the early compression, which would also give a little more forward with the back that, he works much more easily. Clearly, as the bike seems to set the sand.

Few clicks later, we opened the fork compression and closed some of the shock. It is much more instinctive behavior and as we gain in accuracy. Yamaha turns easily, but is perhaps as strong as before. We must impose a little more to the bike to change quickly support.

In contrast, the YZ 250 F-2014 inherits undeniably the stability of its big sister. On fast breaks the circuit that can really stretch the bike remains online even if it arises in the holes. No bad reaction, it is once again a very healthy frame reassuring at full speed we offer Yamaha. It also runs on a double typed anything for you, and it went well. You can go! Braking, powerful and progressive one appreciates the compromise is ideal.

The Horses Are Here!

As the chassis, the mill of the Yamaha YZ250F 2014 inherits some traits of 450. From the start, the raucous sound of the Yam ‘suggests that there must have what it takes in the head … And it does not take long to confirm this impression. Blue tit for tat responds to the slightest touch trigger!

The harrowed track “eating horse” will not shudder 250 YZ-F which is extracted forcefully turns. The power at low and mid-range is especially well appointments, even in the most of the furniture layout Yamaha unabated parties. No doubt, it cracks strong case!

Provided the bike is fairly simple to pick up, it easily handles the net gas. It is on the clutch shots that we can be surprised as the cavalry arrives quickly. Small problem regarding the high speeds that saturate very quickly when you want to stretch a little on the same report, you have to play selector.

By changing the mapping, Yamaha YZ 250 F-gaining longer, but it still lacks a little longer. According to the Yamaha staff, change the transmission from 13/50 13/48 would solve much of the problem, especially as the engine largely required to accept power.

Yamaha YZ250F 2014

Yamaha YZ250F 2014 Bikes Pictures

Conclusion: The Beginning of a New Era

We do not hide our joy of discovering a new Yamaha YZ250F, with a healthy frame and high stability with a bonus engine creaking loudly.

However, it was not against a chassis as lively and playful than the previous generation, a little more comfortable at the front end, but also a little easier starting. It’s not that bad start, Blue, but it still requires quite a blow hock!

The good news is that the price of the Yamaha YZ250F 2014 does not increase. A € 8199, it remains the 250 4-stroke most expensive market Cross. But more good news, Yamaha Motor France announces a licensee fee (FFM or UFOLEP) which brings the score to € 7,799, which entitles you to an additional € 1 a parts kit well stocked with supplies!

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