Test Suzuki DL 1000 V-Strom 2014 Finally Over

Absent from the big road trail market since 2008, Suzuki returns this year with a Substantially revised icts DL 1000 V- Strom release. The late return, has already filled recess is it a good idea? The new Suzuki DL 1000 V-Strom Does pretty broad shoulders to make a place in the sun all its Among Competitors ?

Test Suzuki DL 1000 V-Strom 2014 Finally Over

Suzuki DL 1000   Bikes Pictures

It is in the south of Spain , Almeria , Suzuki Invited us for the international launcof new icts biggest 2014. The stakes are high for the manufacturer and model , expected by many, must sign the return of hamamatsu was long neglected segment has . This new Suzuki DL 1000 V -Strom had been delayed due to long pregnancy , smart goal .

Japanese engineers -have come to Europe to meet the old V -Strom users Talked to -have ’em on the Strengths of Their bike and details to Improve . They aussi Traveled Thousands of miles on ” our ” roads , in all weather and all the conditions in order to Identify the expectations of riders .

The result we  have before us today , altho Almost Unprecedented in 100% , is already mature and successful. And odd if  its aesthetics can displease Some  altho the bike is more flattering in a position That photo), the Suzuki DL 1000 V -Strom 2014 vintage has some advantages assert When facing the road all roads .

Over it’s long, it’s good

Test Suzuki DL 1000 V-Strom 2014 Finally Over

Suzuki DL 1000 Bikes Photos


That in the room houses the press conference enthroned two DL 1000: a 2008 model and the new 2014. The least we can say is That The train takes a slap , and in several Areas ! Aesthetically , first of all, with a Modernized altho style Ultimately Rather consensual .

Like it or not , you get used Quickly aim and end up not paying careful to the finishing and assembly are also good forward , if there is odd Few cables and hoses too present . Materials , mostly plastic, are solid and emphasize the presence of two beautifully crafted aluminum Elements on the fork crown .

Engineers Told us They changed the driving position , more relaxed . A jump is not really 2 machines Effective this difference falls to me , apart from a higher fineness Between the leg due to less wide 30mm saddle . And as the height of the also does not change , the smaller width Asserted When its interest could Both feet on the ground , Almost flat for my meter seventy six .

Test Suzuki DL 1000 V-Strom 2014 Finally Over

Suzuki DL 1000 Bikes Images

Another novelty in the practice area, height adjustable bubble three positions (with tools) and three tilt (without tools, rolling ) . Just push the bubble and it is a system of notches with spring return Ensures return to the original position. Simple, fast , and easy . And if not , what it Gives dynamic ? I am looking forward stationaute .

Easy and well suspended

8:45 , I’m in the saddle and tamper Table ultra full board before departure . While teeming with all kinds of information , it remains legible and handling ( navigation menus , settings options ) Single Appears with buttons on the left stalk . I adjust the levers (adjustable distance ) mirrors Rule ( effective , no more) and press the starter button .

Crevice sound and a bit of metal V -twin is familiar and pleasant . Altho the engine is not very bright in the growing diets , it Does not take too long Either a climb to the top of the meter tower . Switchable traction control set to 2  if precarious grip or rain , leaving a little one position pulls the rear drift, we go to the mountains.

Effective goal a little problem understanding with our hosts , I find myself alone ,having to catch up with my group . Damned Hardly one knows already and I’ll have to whip this. DL 1000 First observation , brake inhibit , and very more . Stains and powerful, goal They remain assayable with cold tires , They Easily wake ABS .

At the rear , however, it is difficulty to find the feeling as the pedal Provides a short run and shows a hard drive . Moreover’s , is blocking Quickly if one stresses. Damage. Apart from That , the grip is obvious and Effective A Few hundred meters away, here ‘s me twirl in tight corners .

Test Suzuki DL 1000 V-Strom 2014 Finally Over

Suzuki DL 1000 Nice Bikes Pictures  

Side suspensions, it’s just almost perfect . Suzuki V -Strom 2014 with icts quality Elements , both, the front and rear . The Showa shock That debate is 160 mm , Absorbs the bumps in the road as far as the wide holes , making handling and comfort a little firm , present purpose . Another good item is adjustable in all directions and the spring has an easy to use dial .
Fork , adjustable from everywhere and also struggling is 160 mm , Gives a touch of fun and safe way , without subjecting its pilot rebounds . The comfort / handling also of the highest caliber .

Motorcycle accepts input in turn on the brakes, goal gets up and locks a bit if you catch the right angle up. Bit annoying as the element Kayaba About did a good job also. And if the rate is Increased up to a sporty driving, no problem , the mass transfer is happy and hydraulic works wonders , Including shock .

Indeed , it is reported about That You footrest That first time it is committed to advantage in the upper body curve Rather than against- steer . After That , you can still raise the rate without overflowing suspensions, up Slightly avou able level .

Nothing to say , They worked well on the side of Japan and Europe because they are riders testing the old Continent (one French) Have you are busy Finalizing the development Establish the frame and setting of the original suspensions. And if Some find the new DL 1000 farm, you can relax a little while to be comfortable without really lose handling .

A powerful and flexible twin

The engine has meanwhile undergone a lot of work by the technical staff of Suzuki, in order to Increase Flexibility and low approval icts and midrange . And it paid off : the first three reports, it starts Almost from idle , with the smile! And the last three, he Chartered to go below 2000 rev / min Provided start on a light throttle .

Without the gear indicator , we sometimes wonder what gear is selected as the block is flexible! Question approval , also meets this twin with a big torque available from 3 000 r / min , allowing muscular and controllable acceleration purpose .

Test Suzuki DL 1000 V-Strom 2014 Finally Over

Suzuki DL 1000 Nice Bikes Photos 

The cable control – No Ride By Wire here – is always accurate and Appropriate response to the request , with a perfectly calibrated injection. Point of violence in this twin. Just a simple efficiency Accompanied by the sound That Good feelings underscore If pushed to the Beginning of its red zone ( 9000 rev / min) , its real helpful and pleasant beach is Rather Between 3 and 7000 rev / min .

Here , the 1000 is fully Expressed . On paper , the ” only” 100 horsepower (even in free version) May sccm fair Compared cavalry offert by the competition , goal of recovery tests Could more than one surprise , because with over 10 kgm of torque available from 4000 r / min , towing block box .

However It May be with Their arms and baggage , he keeps to downgrade fault acceleration passes. To Spend all this ground , the hydraulic clutch is reviewed . Anti -lock Easier to operate , it Also has sliding year standard limited assistance.

Too bad it lacks progressiveness , with a late attack and very short rise. Side gearbox , RAS  Correctly reports are linked to odd Whether securely lock the gearshift . Probably a small problem youth , my accusing Machine 500 km on the odometer .

Quick tourism in the long term

Kilometers parade turns keep coming and is riding the Suzuki DL 1000 V -Strom . Even Effective several hours of driving, no pain or muscle strain Will tarnish the table side comfort . Thick seat and slip his job done perfectly and the bubble , Which handles like that channel, Proved quite effective . Down low and tilt adjustment , Correctly deflects upward pressure of the helmet .

If you push it to straighten the head and chest are perfectly safe if you are not too big . Some colleagues not have asked the staff to raise the height falling on a break . The result was not long in coming their wind pass over and it can Becomes to hold off excess speed for a long time , Especially as the directional stability at high speeds is perfect , odd with suitcases . Remain the arms and shoulders , They are rather windy .

This ride comfort aussi found in the passenger side , All which has relaxed positon, a saddle less thick but comfortable altho a little short (it is close enough to the driver) and Well placed handles. Electronic side , despite the lack of different injection mapping ( Whose usefulness  has beens not felt as the engine is manageable in all Circumstances ) , the Suzuki breath hot and less hot .

ABS sometimes triggers too Quickly , under pressure from Powerful calipers , back in the lift rebounds pronounced . The efficiency goal is there and there is no fear of catching the brakes When going on wet and cold roads . The traction control on it is transparent , high quality.

I thought its judge effectiveness by 6 in the morning falling on heavy acceleration out of corners , goal DL 1000 motor so well That I am not be to trigger it .

Test Suzuki DL 1000 V-Strom 2014 Finally Over

Suzuki DL 1000 Nice Bikes Images

It Took a full load pass on furniture or dusty soil to finally see the LED light on the dashboard . Cuts ignitions are smooth and the engine Does not sccm to choke in position 2. If you switch to mode 1 , autorisee deviations are reasonable and the bike back on line smoothly .

Review: Worthy heiress !

Suzuki DL 1000 V -Strom 2014 is a worthy successor to the old version All which was keeping the interest of the model ( overall comfort , character driven) Improving while other issues handling , agility  with a modern twist ABS, Traction Control .

A very successful scientist cocktail All which Certainly Does not revolutionize the class , purpose Will delight fans of the genre. All for an affordable price (from  12.499 ) Obtained without Compromising quality.

Still Some gaps in the basic package , Including center stand , or perfectible finishing places. In addition , this bike will come home without Undergoing the throes of clamping : Rare enough to be Underlined .

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