Test Scooter: Vespa 946

The neo-retro is booming in summer 2013 bike course, but also a scooter with the arrival of the Vespa 946. This number is a point MP6 prototype created in 1946 and was to become the famous Vespa known worldwide.

Vespa 946

Vespa 946 Bikes Pictures

The 946 takes its inspiration from the past with its monocoque construction, adds deliberately modern in its design and moves with the new 3-valve engine air cooled discovery of her sisters S and LX 125 3V .

Another feature not least is the choice of materials with aluminum and leather instead of various plastics to make this a Vespa luxury.

Vespa 946

Vespa 946 Bikes Photos

Neo-Retro Design and Modern Technology: The Perfect Combination

The monocoque frame is made ​​of steel and aluminum, as well as the body parts that are “klong” when tapping the finger on evidence that is metal. Wheelbase is close to a much larger GTS, but space is much smaller not to mention the small turning radius, similar to that of a 50 old.

The Vespa 946 retains the idea of her stern down as the abdomen of a wasp (Vespa Italian) and seat spring hinge on the front but now it is not and 2 people can be seated.

The front is also reference to the past with the notable exception of the famous “tie” Vespa is absent and the lighthouse is at the top of the handle and not the end of the front fender as the MP6 . Nice little detail, rims on the sides a little high give the impression of whitewall tires when the Vespa look far.

At the front, there is the characteristic suspension Vespa, while at the rear monoshock was placed horizontally to keep the original design.

Modernity is invited with flashing lights and LED front and rear (front is Full LED) daytime running lights, a digital dashboard including time and gauge, ABS braking and even traction control not necessarily useful in terms of performance, but it can save the paint on the slippery underground parking …

Finally, do not forget the single-cylinder 125 cm3 engine 3 valve air cooled showing only 11.5 horsepower but has the advantage of a consumption and reduced emissions. Shared with S and LX 125 is also concerned that the design of the muffler is the same on our Vespa very upscale.

Vespa 946

Vespa 946  Bikes Images

Use and A half fig half Grape Dynamic

What stands out immediately, of course, is the line of the 946 makes many eyes turn and stirs the curiosity of passers-by. We can not imagine very convenient and it checks for use with an eye-bag placed too low, the witness table readable little edge, a flashing button for very easy to handle and most importantly, a side stand absent which requires systematically place the scooter on its center even for a few seconds. Fortunately, the operation is done without any effort and without even having to take the scooter with both hands!

The car seat seems yet accommodates two people but the passenger is very close to the driver and the small slots to hold are for little fingers.

When lifting the seat, found the fuel cap and a tiny location that barely allows them to leave a thin pair of gloves summer. The rear turn signals are not visible, but on the other hand, we appreciate the Full LED headlight very convincing with its bright and very sharp beam.

What we can not imagine at all before hitting the road to the handlebars is the extreme serenity that reigns once in the saddle. Far from a 3V S125, it has room on board with a warm seat and a spacious deck, the ergonomics are perfect.

The rigidity of the monocoque chassis gives confidence as well as the 12-inch wheels and ABS which ensures grain. The minimum turning radius and low center of gravity make the particularly agile and maneuverable 946 without effort. Its handling is obvious.

The flat is set on behalf of the operator. Mono 125 We knew three valves sober and docile to use on S and LX 125, but that 946 overweight with its noble instead of plastic materials not in his favor. Vespa This hardly reaches 90 km / h and barely starting to attack as a little path, while its softness and quite hushed tone presaged a better fit for use.

Vespa 946

Vespa 946 Nice Bikes Pictures

Balance Sheet

Vespa 946 brand undoubtedly a break in production of the brand and even beyond. In style of course, but also by the materials used and finishes. Too bad the 3V engine and muffler are identical to other Vespa models because the 946 is a bit disappointing in its driving dynamics while its maneuverability and handling are outstanding.

Of course adding a radiator to enjoy a liquid-cooled engine would have hindered the drawing, but there would undoubtedly have gained accreditation in traffic. Anyway, the 946 is primarily a beautiful object that combines a great success the spirit of yesteryear with modern technologies.

We take much pleasure in contemplating that the drive Dolce Vita year for which it is perfectly at ease mode. A 9000 euros, slightly more than double the 125 GT scooter, the Vespa deliberately positioned as a luxury item and why not as a vehicle for collection in the future. The future will tell. Finally, note that it is possible to opt for a leather saddle to complete the line.


–        Helping pencil highly acclaimed

–        The very easy grip

–        Technology for safety


–        Performance of the engine

–        No practical aspect

–        The rate for a 125 cm 3

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