Test ride Review: KTM 390 Duke

Recently, we sampled 390 Duke streetbike picture perfect Austrian conditions, den KTM . Since when India received a special bike minor adjustments to ensure, that it gives us the roads and the weather is not a problem. Delivered just started across the country , we just jumped a quick test ride .

KTM 390 Duke

KTM 390 Duke Bikes Pictures

The same style of avant -garde and progressive 390 Duke to his brother , the Duke 200 , bright orange rim tag indicates the new 390 over the best way. Muscle, is a beautiful 390 weight of the modern motorcycle compact position before tilt.

An hour shade to protect small bay digital board. Read the counter small screen is not as simple as it should be, to faster horse , riders will find this is often the case in the 390 Duke . While still clearly see the speedometer, tachometer meter waterfall is difficult to follow. Duke pushing 390 , bold, transitional red warning tag 390 has proved very useful because it is such a motorcycle fast speed, but also in the first and second gears, it is easy to run at the speed disappointing limiter efforts cycling.

390 has a tapered alloy handles , lighting systems , switch light work, with bright lights show tonight looking attractive . Dogleg shape and function of the mirror control lever is standard, easily mounted in a rubber sleeve to protect the rod .

A large number of alloys , including the smart arm portion of a plurality of subframes and your brake pedals and change. 390 tires installed above the messy split rear seat fairing contemporary , thin brake lights and installation of tensioned plate.

The overall quality feel as good as we cycling in India in Austria, not surprising when you consider all the products here are 390 Bajaj . Similarly , suitable for finishing and attention to detail is top notch.

KTM 390 Duke

KTM 390 Duke Bikes Photos

390 Duke uses a liquid-cooled engine, four-stroke , 373.2cc , single cylinder , double overhead cam head, four valves conduct. Indian bike with improved cooling systems , our hot conditions, no overheating problems we face , which is a lot. There is a forged piston and cylinder Nikasil coated for improved performance . Peak output power of 43bhp 9000rpm , healthy 3.57kgm 390 makes torque at 7000rpm . 390 six-speed transmission shifted smoothly at any time, and the weighted feel.

Box operates in a Form 5 toes changes in habits. Through a chain of transmission X-ring seal power transmission to the rear wheels by . Unlike the 200 is oriented to short , close gears feel much higher than 390 , 390 bike more relaxed. Sickle bike effortlessly through traffic, with the last two engaged in inappropriate relationships 45kph . Best Performance triggered by short-term transfer through the gearbox to maintain the speed of the red line in a wide POWERBAND meat .

390 clutch and progressive sentiment, pulling slightly heavier than the 200 Duke . Injection throttle response Fuel immediately on a bike, the power band is wide.

390 engine delivers strong low -end grunt , built in mid- tough all the way to the red line, is a little more 10000rpm . Strong performance at the top of POWERBAND , efforts to promote and spin on 6000RPM great . 390 provides a serious rapid acceleration, from a standstill in 2.47 seconds blasting past 60kph easy to maintain respectable cruising speed of over 100kph . Counter 7000RPM speed when flying in sixth gear at 130 km of 100kph 5000RPM . We have 390 Duke a true indication sixth top speed of 162kph . The new KTM engine is impressive, with Rorty and baritone exhaust note .

Duke 390 held together by an orange steel mesh . Bend your legs below the knee , similar to the 200 , it’s back upright riding position , but the movement . There is enough space for passengers to move around the seat of the company. Standards inverted 43mm fork Chunky is a monoshock adjustable aluminum rocker specification. As we drive quality plusher beginning of Austria that the bike is still tense , 390 online sports personalities , to help provide a clear frame handling .

390 handle a great feeling of lightness. It is a stable bike , respond quickly to steering input . This KTM like rounded corners , making a neutral air , confident. It requires a wide turning radius 390 used, especially when driving slow traffic conditions , tight.

Low profile, standards Metzeler radial tubeless tire and provides excellent grip. 390 provides four pot, radially mounted , front disc brakes and single 300mm rear rotors 230 mm disc brakes with ABS . Bosch 9 Mo, ABS braking system with two-channel works like a dream . ABS can also be deactivated .

Fuel economy is 30kpl region, although we are still collecting data from all our tests , so look out for our detailed road test COACH India, in September 2013 , the anniversary of the show, coming soon .

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