Test Review: Honda CB Trigger

The latest product from Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India is triggered naked streetbike , CB Unicorn vertigo following link. The 150cc CB trigger seems useful and modern, full-size CB1000R taking some elements of style. CB trigger will work together to sell the popular 150cc 150cc Honda Unicorn in the competitive segment , aimed at young buyers.

Honda CB Trigger

Honda CB Trigger Bikes Pictures

Trigger some resemblance to Yamaha FZ series bikes . Triggers projector is wrapped in a shroud bikini sharp. It comes with a well sculpted fuel tank stocky nickname dual intake just below . Some amber backlit digital tools , including speedometer, odometer, trip odometer and speed bar waterfall, and easy to read . Triggered LCD (LCD), but also give you the fuel level , and convenience of digital clock . We found the latest Honda have good quality palm grips, soft, and Honda typical switch, the light through . Only minimal body panels and decorative stickers brilliant looking new bike .

A trigger is a muscle bike , with alloy wheels and six spokes. Including the engine and chassis complete darkness bicycle. The overall quality and renovation completed flag.

Honda CB Trigger

Honda CB Trigger Bikes Photos

Trigger actions 149.1cc four-stroke engine , air-cooled single cylinder, unicorns , moving smooth 5-speed gearbox and four transfer pattern in the heel – lever tip . This is a bike carburetor , which makes 14bhp 8500RPM . We found that the typical Honda clutch feels light , which makes the breeze outskirts of the city . The transmission power is linear, can be a band of relatively low power , helping trigger 150 daily practical use .

CB 137 kg triggered with a single downcomer , the steel reinforcement and a tubular arm of rectangular cross-section . Telescopic front suspension fork and rear shock absorber . Trigger an upright riding position , wide large set of handles , so a commuter bike friendly position. Ride quality is also decent , and prove itself a city manager bike light . CB trigger tubeless tires for the race front and rear, all the work of our test session , including on a wet road riding to provide enough grip . A 240mm front disc brakes , rear responsibility brake 220mm disc, triggering a Honda ‘s Combined Braking System (CBS ) , works with the brakes of the rear brake pedal simultaneously connect . Front brake operating independently at any time.

Honda CB trigger three variants , a rear disc brake non-standard brake systems and joint price Rs . 67384 DLX ( 70,384 rupees) and complete relaxation CBS will cost Rs . 76,884 (all prices ex- exhibition hall, New Delhi).

CB trigger a lot going for it , including mature Honda reliability , but it is not the most attractive price of the bicycle, this segment and the segment leaders capable opponents , including Bajaj Pulsar 150 DTS – I, Yamaha FZ Bike support the movement and TVS Apache RTR 160 , which may be not be an easy task.

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