Test Peugeot Satelis RS 125 4V

We present you the most Satelis 125, which is for 3 years regularly on the podium of the best selling scooters in France…

Peugeot Satelis RS 125 4V

Peugeot Satelis RS 125 4V Bikes Pictures

Last year our chief pilot for Peugeot trials have presented biting version with a compressor, Compressor Satelis 125…

In 2009, the color code change and RS versions now feature a pristine white particularly attractive to the eye.

Not only white is a beautiful color, but it also participates in the active safety of the scooter since according to statistics from the Road Safety, the white vehicles are less involved in accidents.

Peugeot Satelis RS 125 4V

Peugeot Satelis RS 125 4V Bikes Photos

Compared to conventional Satelis 125, the front face is more aggressive with a wind blows and smoke bubble shaped. The machine impresses with its white color and high quality finish. The fork tubes move from gray matte black, as the central bridge, the passenger handles or plastic handlebar.

Peugeot Satelis RS 125 4V

Peugeot Satelis RS 125 4V Bikes Images

The design is resolutely turned towards sportiness with rims machined polished sides and a red brake caliper to pinch the front 260 mm disc. Always red stitching for the seat in alcantara and RS logos on the sides of the scooter.

The tank holds 13.5 liters and provides a range of just over 250 km in heavy use. Under saddle at hand fits in a discrete trap a protective cover, that protects the saddle from rain, two full-face helmets find their places under the seat in the trunk. The polished exhaust line versions 400 and 500 cm3 is taken on this 125 version.

Peugeot Satelis RS 125 4V

Peugeot Satelis RS 125 4V Nice Bikes Pictures

The single cylinder 4-stroke 4-valve engine has the latest developments, called the EVO brand recognizable new design of shroud on the drive. This new transmission case has been specially designed to absorb noise and vibration of the drum.

The block receives a new injection system and a new catalyst to have more power at low revs. The calculator, located above the front of the scooter, the steps in feet, can be found on the throttle housing. The response time between the throttle and the engine is considerably reduced.

This new Satelis RS 125 is still comfortable to drive, instruments edges are clearly visible to the driver, tour accounts are chrome surrounds on white background.

The torque is increased to almost 12 Nm and the engine actually works a little better as well as the previous version. However, its 15 hp still a little difficult to forget the 160 kg of all but overtaking is done safely, which is the main thing. The scooter is very fun to drive in the city but mostly on small roads where the chassis provides good handling compared to the competition. Cornering is excellent, ideal for chaining roads or mountain. The suspension is quite firm for stability “high speed” cornering and braking still biting. Count on a maximum speed of about 120 km / h on the clock and less than 4 seconds to completely stop at that speed.

Once stopped you can finally enjoy effective to park your scooter side stand. Note the new security system said smart that allows you to warm up the engine when the kickstand is deployed. Ignition off if you accelerate to avoid inadvertently scratch on the machine …

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