Test Motorcycle Kawasaki Z800

Kawasaki celebrates 40 years of the Z with the arrival of the latest addition, the Z800. With its aggressive look still and increased power, the new Kawa should have no trouble surfing the success anciennce Z750.

Kawasaki Z800

Kawasaki Z800 Bikes Pictures

Much more than a model to celebrate four decades of this letter in a cult Japanese brand, the new Z800 has a mission to continue the incredible success of the Z750 arrival in 2004.

Based on the chassis of the Z750 R launched in 2011, the Z800 makes small changes to the year 2013 and especially two versions, standard and Z800e specifically for the European market. This will enable young people to make their first license weapons (and inevitable bowls) riding a machine that focuses on 100% design Mangas. We can start and feel like a machine that has style, it is not forbidden!

Kawasaki Z800

Kawasaki Z800 Bikes Photos

A Ninja Exacerbated

Tested in a downpour on almost 200 kilometers under the sun on only thirty – time to take pictures – here what stands novelty Kawasaki for 2013.
The optical multi-faceted Ninja is more than ever with a pinch on the environment and a combination of two colors on the surrounding plastic to enhance the aggressiveness of his eyes. This set is also placed lower than the previous 750.

The gills are broad tank and radiator guards, which protect relatively well water splashes, they descend, too. They embrace the 4-cylinder from the top down is highlighted by the engine guard serial version except “e”.

Test Motorcycle Kawasaki Z800

Halfway up, we find the famous bar on arrival Z750 R to bring more strength to the mid-size roadster. The switch is now in front of the tank as the Z1000, thereby generating a view of the dashboard.

Kawasaki Z800

Kawasaki Z800 Bikes Images

Fully digital tachometer is represented by a bar graph on the LCD screen in the center. The two side screens are symmetrical. It is time, gauge, remaining range and average fuel consumption but unfortunately not the gear indicator.

The handlebar is right for a position to attack with a bit more substantial support. On the back, the rider’s seat can be seen with the pattern “Z”, a letter recalled 10 times on the machine according to Kawasaki Z some seem still difficult to find … Where it is not difficult to track down, it is on the rear light with two opposing LED Z!

Kawasaki Z800

Kawasaki Z800 Nice Bikes Pictures

This stern thins significantly and enhances the bike to focus more on the front. At least aesthetically. The passenger seat is still pokey, and handles like the lock placed in the wheel, are filled with various projections after driving in the rain.

Apart from this, one can only applaud the design of the Z which makes the most of the Manga style without succumbing to the temptation consensual. Like it or not, but the style is unique.

Kawasaki Z800

Kawasaki Z800 Nice Bikes Photos

Improved Dynamics

The four cylinder engine of 748-803 cm 3 by increasing the bore. Admission was worked with the cylinders 1 and 4 shorter than 2 and 3, and a diameter that passes from 32 to 34 mm. And reviewed, the engine delivers more power and torque over the entire operating range and peak values ​​up 7 horses and 5 Nm.

In practice it is actually very soft to about 7,000 r / min, a plan from which the engine becomes more vivid. By taking heed thereto, there is still little known are the previous generation vibration. The shifts are quick and smooth, all comes together very quickly both uphill and downhill.

Kawasaki Z800

Kawasaki Z800  Nice Bikes Images

Test Motorcycle Kawasaki Z800

Our Kawasaki Z800 is equipped with a fork and a shock adjustable preload and rebound unlike Z800e that offers only the preload on the rear. All shows are comfortable and effective at the same time:. A good compromise with the standard settings bad saddle also proves closes after a few kilometers.

Braking is compelling and easy to control with 4-piston calipers at the front (e has only two), while the rear are probably missing some teeth. Our new Z800 still shows a large mass of 229 kg on the data sheet (800 g for ABS).

In fast combos, the machine requires more commitment than some competing in the image of the Triumph Street Triple 675 recently tried. Nevertheless, the new ergonomics quite clearly improves the grip for driving a little sports.

We also appreciate the flexibility of this engine forgives many mistakes selection out of corners. At high speed, the characteristic of Kawasaki block is always present, fans of the brand will not be disappointed!

Balance Sheet

The new Kawasaki Z800 arrives to take over the Z750 on the wave of success. This new Z brings small changes to improve without revolutionize provided. We are clearly not in the revolution had brought to replace the Z750 ZR7 in 2004. It remains in continuity improving things over the Z750R.

Aesthetically, many things change to exacerbate his drawing Manga resolutely. Dynamically, the largest displacement engine provides great flexibility below 7,000 r / min. In addition, there is the character we knew with a little extra power.

The suspension and braking of our standard model provides a nice compromise between comfort and efficiency. The always important weight Z is compensated to conduct a position on the handlebars slightly on the front that supports and amplifies makes it easier to place the machine in the sequences of turns.

Test Motorcycle Kawasaki Z800

The big news is that the Z800 will also be available in E version from mid-December. Less well-equipped (non-adjustable suspension, dual-piston front calipers, missing trim, etc..), It is also less expensive than 900 euros less powerful with 70 kW (as against 83 kW 113 hp) under the new license.

The Z800e it has the orange color black / not available on the standard version, the green / black being reserved for the latter. Other colors including the white / black that suits him quite well, are available on both versions.

The Z800e is costs 7999 euros against 8.899 euros for the Z800 which we must add 600 euros for the ABS on one or the other. For comparison, it is u n little more expensive than Yamaha FZ8 in 8399 and 8999 with ABS.


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