Test Motorcycle Kawasaki Z1000

Kawasaki Z celebrates 40th anniversary its. Small (Z800) late last year was renewed and is now at large, the Z1000 to be. Spearheading the ranks of roadsters of the Japanese manufacturer will not go into detail with a pencil and blow amazing resolutely separate in the category as in the Kawasaki range.

 The link is on the previous plan distant memory. One thing is certain, You Will not go unnoticed riding the 2014 Z1000. Changes are not aesthetic, However the frame and the 4-cylinder engine benefit from Some Changes.

Test Motorcycle Kawasaki Z1000

Motorcycle Kawasaki Z1000 Bikes Pictures


All eyes turn to That of the Z1000 All which now includes Full LED projectors . This is a first for Kawasaki. The small head very low fork forward Plunges Almost Gives him an air of Alien . 4 Optical LED accentuate the sporty and aggressive look roadster That big forehead or the side .

The curve of the tank is more pronounced and won 2 liters passage to Increase some autonomy . The frame sides Slightly Highlighted well with this engine design . Our version of SE ( Special Edition) Specific color was green and gray two-tone bumper , a saddle with Z printed pattern for the pilot and passenger seat far green Gives the feeling of Being a seat cover.

Test Motorcycle Kawasaki Z1000

Motorcycle Kawasaki Z1000 Bikes Photos

Dashboard is new and fully digital with a little originality since Until 3500 rev / min , the tachometer displays vertically in screen and beyond , white and red lights take the baton across the upper portion of left to right . Missing only the display of the ambient temperature and the gear , two information present Often Among Competitors . on the frame , the new fork is set on a tube compression and rebound , and the other pre -load . Its at base , there is the arrival of monobloc radial -mount calipers .

The rear is more conventional purpose it is an opportunity to score the presence adjusting the chain tension by an eccentric , a system very convenient to use. Finally , silencers -have -been reworked for style goal also Especially for music at low speeds in combination with admission.


The handlebar , the position Does not change Drastically odd if the new handlebar Allows you to be a little more on the front. For icts hand, the passenger Will not be happier with this narrow saddle and a small strap to hold, Especially since the days of her thighs Will Rain fender Because nothing Protects projections.

What In Any case , the new Z is very agile and moves from one corner to the other with great ease odd at high speed . In town , the turning circle is against a little big . This is a good coating That can exploit the performance of the Z with its very firm suspension. Undeniably , the priority Was Not comfortable but sporty driving efficiency with All which transfers are limited .

Test Motorcycle Kawasaki Z1000

Motorcycle Kawasaki Z1000 Bikes Images

Motor Does not change if he wins Drastically odd a bit of torque across the curve and the peak power Increases Slightly . What is the most exchange responsiveness to handle its Entire range. Kawasaki block is very linear but still offers a little extra freshness from 7500 rev / min , the white LED When visually very light descends to the right of the dashboard . All full -time and never reluctant to raise, he always answers this. It can lock onto 6 th also report and enjoy all the Flexibility of four cylinders to keep a good pace , fast and fluid at the same time .

This also Allows not knit too with a selection a little firm When passing the report on the fly . Treat its trajectories enjoying a quick angle setting and good stability is a good way to keep a good pace .

With its engine very available , some nice and light cycle management and incisive Both the secondary network and the city are two special places on the handlebars of the Z1000 .

Despite its 220 kg fully fueled on the scale , it can lead to ” a hand ” that is to say without effort. ‘s new front brake is in the same vein with a great feel and accurate dosing same on heavy braking . The rear brake is not provided with this finesse. Our Z1000 Was Not equipped with ABS purpose it is available as an option for 600 euros.

Test Motorcycle Kawasaki Z1000

Motorcycle Kawasaki Z1000 Nice Bikes Pictures

For daily use , the new Z is not so much practice with odd less protection , a place under the saddle and pokey lock to open it always Exposed under the fender . Finally , we noted That unlike mostCompetitors , Kawasaki has Chosen not to equip its new electronic aids Z1000 ( driving modes , traction control , etc. ) if only as an option , to favor price .


It is therefore not that blow ultra radical pencil is new on the Kawasaki Z1000 2014. She gets in the face of more and more efficient compete competing with a lively engine, has more obvious accessibility Regardless of experience , a more incisive frame etc, New Vintage Responds to a comprehensive approach .

Too bad Kawasaki Does not take this renewal Will Add Some electronic aids, Not Necessarily needed according to individual tastes , in order Any box Often offer by Competitors . Next practice , we regret That The seat lock is still in the mudguards and no savings passenger protection rainy days . Anyway , the new Z1000 undoubtedly delight fans 4 cylinders Becoming more vivid and easy to drive with its Improved engine cycle and more available part.

The rest is a matter of taste , All which is sure is that his pencil stroke leaves no one indifferent and shoulds turn a lot of heads . Finally , we must remember That The Z1000 is Placed at least 12,000 euros, 11,990 Exactly , black or orange . This green and gray duo is charged 200 euros more and ABS is an option at 600 euros , making a total of 12.790 euros for an SE of ABS.

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