Test Motorcycle Harley-Davidson Ultra Limited

Equipment premium sedan, new engine and combined braking, the new Harley-Davidson has been designed to meet customer requirements. What we rushed to check on the roads of Colorado.


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“Project Rushmore”, a code name for a surprising result that is not less than the side of the equipment, because no bike did so and especially of this quality. Driving is not forgotten with a new engine Twin Cool says “liquid” and a combined braking.

This is the result of four years of listening to its customers allowing Harley-Davidson to provide a fully equipped Ultra Limited and Touring range reassessed as a whole in terms of equipment. An invitation to a journey that is well worth dwelling on these facilities expected of a luxury sedan before taking the handlebars of this two-tone Limited.


Harley-Davidson Bikes Photos

More Comfortable and Functional

For effective protection, Batwing fairing has a cap lighthouse a little longer and especially a new air intake that manipulates one finger even while driving. Closed, the air flow is similar to the previous edition so with a stir. Open, they are significantly faded. Was gaining comfort. Baffles below are always present to the ventilation on hot days.

New headlights and fog lights inevitably rating LED “Daymaker” (literally “day maker”). Lighting at night is amazing and much better than anything we’ve seen so far on a motorcycle even a traditional fire road is not lit as well. This is the day and night!

There are also LEDs on the Tour Pak overcome its holder package. His new pencil stroke makes it look thinner, yet its volume increased slightly from Harley-Davidson. It ranks carefree two full face helmets and other matters, as before. What changes is the manipulation of the top box and panniers, as now, one hand is enough to open and close the lid. Well done! On the side panniers a small latch was added, and the trunk is the closure has been changed.


Harley-Davidson Bikes Images


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The Infotainment Worthy of a Saloon

It sits comfortably on the broad saddle of our Harley-Davidson Ultra Limited we discover the most impressive new. The large panel contains only four dials instead of 6. The other two information are shown on the color touch screen 6.5 inches. Other Touring machines merely a non-touch screen 4.3 but still very readable inches.

Before our eyes, it was all of a sudden access to radio, MP3/iPod with a USB (compartment keeps the device without damaging it), navigation with maps and info -traffic and hands-free telephony.

The four speakers who earn in diameter this year still offer a good quality sound even at 130 km / h. For now, the Limited is the only one to offer GPS, other Touring (Ultra Classic and Street Glide) does unfortunately not provided.

All this could be difficult to use but it is not. Ergonomics was obviously very worked because it only takes a few minutes to get to navigate the main functions to listen to his favorite music and set a route.

For this, two joysticks (4 + meaning pressure) is used on the left and right handlebar, the touch screen with gloves or voice commands if your helmet is equipped with microphone and headphones. In this case, the driver and passenger can separately adjust the volume at will but as in a car, they listen to the same music.

The large screen of 6.5 inches, as the smallest of 4.3 inches, is perfectly readable in the sun. You just have to be careful not to leave too much of the road when playing eyes with all the possibilities. Finally, more conventionally, there is of course a cruise control and heated grips.


Harley-Davidson Nice Bikes Pictures

Coupled Braking and “Liquid” Engine Program

Other less visible revolution: the Twin Cam 103 Twin Cool and ABS braking coupled. For the latter, it is an electro-mechanical box that is responsible for distributing the braking force on the brake calipers front and rear automatically except at low speed. Just for the driver to operate the lever or pedal.

The rear brake plays pretty well on the front brake, the reverse is less obvious because the back does not sit much when you take the lever. Anyway, the principle is relevant and enjoyable to use if we ignore some specific situations such as taking the rear brake fast curve.

The “liquid” engine is the Twin Cam 103 Twin Cool, Twin Cam 103 with double air cooling (as before) and liquid but for the high engine only. We also see the arrival of the pipe between the heads rising from radiators nestled in the guard cylinders. The pockets disappear leaving their place, but the baffles feet are still there.

Gain power and torque is about 7%. What is most noticeable is the low-end response that is gaining responsiveness and reduced engine heat back on the thighs of the driver. We gain very much in comfort when the weather is looking good! Bonus for Touring. For 2014, only the Ultra Classic Limited and take advantage of this V-Twin and the Tri Glide Trike.

Also on the dynamic level, despite the larger diameter fork, feeling the handlebar is always the same. Serenity reigns in a pastoral trip, but with a slightly faster pace, the feeling does not really change, especially in an irregular curve. Anyway, the Touring range is intended for tourism, equipment net increase brings the new Touring significant advantages.


Harley-Davidson Nice Bikes Photos

Balance Sheet

This impressive device on a motorcycle is the result of the “Rushmore” Harley-Davidson. This is only the first salvo as the method of work must continue in the future with customers more involved in the specifications.

This approach brings this year many changes at Harley-Davidson in particular, and the bike in general. Just look at the infotainment system (radio, MP3, GPS, phone) close to what you would find in a sedan to persuade especially with this thought ergonomics perfectly with two joysticks.

For 2014, our Ultra Limited is the only one equipped with all these developments with touch screen 6.5 inches and Twin Engine Cool. The Ultra Classic and Street Glide change still very much even if the screen is smaller (4.3 inches) and the GPS navigation is absent.

Access to the Touring range is the Road King at 22,990 euros coupled braking wins this year. Our Ultra Limited oversees the range of the American manufacturer (not CVO) from 28,290 euros, 28,990 euros with this two-tone paint beautifully.


–        The rich equipment

–        The ergonomics of Pak Tour

–        The approval of motor Twin Cool


–        The coupled braking (sometimes)

–        The chassis little changed

–        The disappearance of pockets

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