Test KTM Super Duke

Over time, I finally realized that I developed a passion, if not the affection, to the power of V-Twins squeezed into a tiny frame. It’s like say the unspeakable, a passion for these ladies bodybuilding fans (what in life is not the case, instead of being Gainsbourg’s opinion on the subject, imbaisable!), But do motorcycle, like the Super Duke, the overlapped turns fantastic.

KTM Super Duke

KTM Super Duke Bikes Pictures

I was a little disappointed to have white, my picture trails favored orange, but what the livery, the important thing is drunkenness, and 100 km / h in first with a bit of space to force the note (which I did not, the speed limit on our roads is 100 km / h I respect) is in exaltation appointment. With a box of six (6) reports, that rate, there are five (5) too, but it is true that the sixth gives the superfluous, already the fifth on the highway seems to s’ bored. And there are not too many reports that experiencing some tightness in the great outdoors, living the small winding roads where the handling of Pirelli Diablo works wonders, leaving the healthy 999 cm3 else.

KTM Super Duke

KTM Super Duke Bikes Photos

The surprise also comes from the driving position, back straight, knees bent so SuperMoto, which gives the city a comfortable seat with a good field of vision, and the spring in the knees to absorb uneven road. Despite the adjustment of the shock to what they call “low speed” that could be translated as “comfort”, it is often necessary to use our knees to save our backs. It back to the neutral position is very nice town, but once you take the speed, we would like a more forward leaning position, allowing your body to properly support against the wind.

The box is well, thank you for asking, except perhaps for the first that can be temperamental at low speed, nervous refrain because most imperceptible variation in the angle of the wrist and the Super Duke takes tremors beyond its control. But just pass the second and everything becomes calm, to the point that it is possible to pose, release the handle and admire the gawking onlookers before our cool.
The clutch lever would have earned a little more delicate, especially in traffic, but it is likely that a simple turn of a key and the thing would have made my job easier. This is what happens when you have a motorcycle three days, recovering overnight, but the next day he should already make. The onboard computer is good, could be better, but eh!, The majority of these screens on most bikes could be better.

Under the seat, there is a small tool kit, and with the exception of hooks hiding there to allow the docking of a small bag, nothing else is there or takes place. Above the passenger seat seems symbolic at best, because who likes to sit on the exhaust, the heat resistant carbon plates being only one other option, the best is yet to ride solo.

KTM Super Duke

KTM Super Duke Bikes Images

Of course, the bike is beautiful in its own way. She has not the grace of an Italian, but it assumes its special character with panache. In terms of attention, I do not miss. KTM is little known, and Super Duke, we do not often see. It may be different in Europe, you will tell me, but here in Montreal, it’s a UFO.

KTM Super Duke

KTM Super Duke Nice Bikes Pictures

Already the sound of the exhaust seduces the ear, the shape of the Duke does the rest once the eye is hooked. So for those who like to attract attention and generate attention, check yes for this KTM .

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