Test KTM 390 Duke: Duchess of A2 License

The KTM 390 Duke is the Austrian manufacturer response to the new rules of the new A2 license … but not that! After more than 1 500 km jubilant to his handlebars, MNC fell in love with this exciting beginner motorcycle. Test.

KTM 390 Duke

KTM 390 Duke Bikes Pictures

Lethal Weapon

But what they have to hang like that? They are all subject or what? That’s what I say, hilarious, under my helmet, doubling entire cohorts biker surprised by the waterspouts that befell the small roads of the hinterland of Nice!

KTM 390 Duke

KTM 390 Duke Bikes Photos

While they all appear in “survival”, I happily twirls a turn to another with banana under the helmet. I’m the best driver in the world? Certainly not! I’m just riding the new KTM 390 Duke, the ultimate weapon on small roads!

To achieve this enviable result, KTM “simply” grafted a single 373 cc and 44 hp in the ultra slim of 125 and 200 Duke chassis (including read our MNC test Duke 125 ). The association has created a monster … No power, but fun (s)!

Note that the model tested was “full power” (44 hp), thus accessible only to license holders motorcycle A. Those who come to pick up the A2 license will settle for a version – slightly-clamped at 40 hp to meet the legislative constraint fixing the weight / maximum 0.2 kW / kg for beginner bikers power ratio (read our Dossier A2 license, special KTM ).

In addition, our test bike was shod Continental ContiAttack SM whereas concessions, the 390 Duke will be provided with Metzeler Sportec M5. A difference ga (o) even that is not fatal, but still deserves to be mentioned

Known Boils

KTM 390 Duke

KTM 390 Duke Bikes Bikes Images

KTM 390 Duke

390 resumes every feature as dynamic as the friendliest of 125 and 200 Duke design. That will be for some its main flaw lines and dimensions are so similar to those of Duke small it is easy to confuse them. Not very rewarding for the owners of the “big” …

Available only in black, orange, and white, only the trellis frame dyed orange apart from its “little sisters.” A color that will divinely great, since it refers to the series of R Austrian manufacturer! Our test model was equipped with beautiful orange rims that further enhance its a little more sex appeal.

As the Duke 125 and 200, the 390 has Indian blood flowing in its hoses: This sporty little roadster is indeed completely assembled in a factory in India partner and shareholder of KTM Bajaj.

KTM 390 Duke

KTM 390 Duke Nice Bikes Pictures

However, the design and development of the bike is 100% original KTM: 390 Duke therefore nothing a sluggish entry level “exotic”, but on the contrary honor home culture. True to the motto “Ready to Race”, the beautiful and carries high-end devices (radial front brakes, swing arm hollow, WP suspension, etc..) And advanced mechanical solutions.

Capable of supporting 11,000 trips to the minute of the piston, a cylinder 89 mm in diameter, for example, treated Nikasil (nickel and silicon carbide coating which limits the friction while promoting heat exchange for mounted in rapid temperature but also more efficient cooling. Sophisticated injection developed by Bosch and disconnectable ABS the same supplier are also part.

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