Test Honda CRF250R 2014: The Red Cross Up a Notch!

The appointment was made with the Honda team, after the Czech GP. So here we are on the Loket circuit for a first test run aboard the new CRF 250 R, one of the major innovations in the off-road market in 2014. The Reds have they managed to improve their small 4-stroke? Moto-Station already has the answer.

Honda CRF250R 2014

Honda CRF250R 2014 Bikes pictures

It is on the circuit of Loket we find a rather smiling Honda team as both “red riders” Russian – Alexander Tonkov MX2 and MX1 Evgneny Bobryshev – are mounted on the podium Czech GP yesterday. The other reason for this mood is the arrival of a new motorcycle Cross in the range of world number one. Honda CRF 250 R in-depth review, including an all-new chassis and mechanical developments far from trivial.

Since the arrival of the injection of the CRF 250 R in 2010, these bikes were not too technically whack. But after significant changes in the CRF 450 last year, it was the turn of the small four-time leap with this new generation of CRF 250. A motorcycle that clearly follows the path of his sister, with the same aesthetic but also a sixth-generation aluminum frame similar to the 450, with a few exceptions.

Honda CRF250R 2014

Honda CRF250R 2014 Bikes Photos

New look, But Still (too) Simple

This is a CRF 250 new look that we have before us, with a sharp line, inspired by the 450. No big bang, however, to put in their mouths: Honda remains true its standard with a quality finish that exudes serious without unduly flatter retina driver. There’s no small detail like racing tees or anodized wheels or skid plate.

We are still awaiting the arrival of the hydraulic clutch team in recent seasons all official motorcycles, as well as World MX in AMA Motocross, but it will not be this year. However, we can admire the unique new dual exhaust outlet on the market and giving the gift Honda own identity.

Honda CRF250R 2014

Honda CRF250R 2014 Bikes Images

A Frame on Top!

Having carefully studied the trajectories at the races this weekend, here I am in GP driver ready to put gas on the Loket circuit mode. Well, I quickly back on earth should not be from the same planet altogether …

Despite not really clear to ride circuit, it should no adaptation time to feel comfortable on the Honda CRF250F 2014. Intuitive ergonomics Honda is once again fly. Rolling myself on a Honda and for the sake of objectivity, I approached some foreign colleagues: all were unanimous, the feeling of the FIU is the top.

Without any change at all from the previous model, the new frame does wonders. The bike is playful, easy to guide, turns into a handkerchief and all this by showing an exemplary stability. But then, it is the perfect bike? Not quite either!

This year the Reds have probably focused on comfort with very soft suspensions. While the grip is to go up and that gum all small shocks rather effectively, but entertaining and well holes Loket braking, the bike tends to bottoming too easily. The reactions of the bike remain healthy, nothing vicious reported. A passage by setting box will be needed probably for many drivers, history refine this a bit.

It ends with the front brake, it has not changed. So we always blame him a toothless. But when the circuit became dry concrete and extremely slippery end of the day, it was not really disturbing.

Honda CRF250R 2014

Honda CRF250R 2014 Nice Bikes Pictures

More Strength

Often tackled for its antiseptic nature and choked, the mill of the Honda CRF 250 answers his critics in 2014. From the first laps, we feel that the Red more responsive, the force of the engine is much more present than before.

Low speeds are strong and when you arrive at Cape midrange, Honda seems to be further strengthened. The result is immediate on the track, the clutch shots extract the bike supports and ruts with more force than before. And with this significant performance gain, it is less hung on clutch lever to restart the bike.

At high speed, the longer gain from the previous model is sensitive but not obvious. The bike seems to be free but probably not enough for excited the red zone. However, another report before the switch will allow the mill to maintain its effectiveness.

The dual exhaust delivers a slightly more raucous than before her, but the FIU maintains its sound discretion. Finally we put forward a very easy start of the Red. If the Japanese still do not seem to address the issue of the electric starter, a sudden kick enough to snort the engine of 2014 CR250F even engaged.

Honda CRF250R 2014

Honda CRF250R 2014 Nice Bikes Photos

Conclusion: The Universal Cross!

Although the Honda CRF 250 R facelift completely for this year 2014, it will not be wasted in taking his handlebars. Its natural ergonomics works wonders, its balanced chassis and player is hard to find fault with the exception of the Showa suspension too soft hair, but still very healthy and reassuring nonetheless.

The engine up a notch in terms of performance while maintaining a very significant roundness. In short, the Honda 250 CRF 2014 is perhaps not the bike that will deliver the greatest sensations of the 250 4-stroke on the market, but its ease of handling and formidable efficiency will fly with the majority of drivers .

This year the 250 CRF increases € 200 €, which bar him criticism € 8,000 passed. But the good news is that Honda France revived the Red Box. Operation the redundant FFM or UFOLEP offering many benefits with a more competitive price € 7799 instead of € 8090 is including insurance against theft. A first for a motorcycle Cross.

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