Test Gas Gas EC 300 2014 A Enduro Happening Everywhere

The French Gas Gas range for this year does not include a single standard model: 300 EC. An Enduro motorcycle “simplified” compared to her sisters, the EC Racing, which is displayed at a more attractive price! The Standard Gas Gas EC 300 is it a good alternative for the Enduro practice without breaking the bank? Maybe…

Gas Gas EC 300 2014

Gas Gas EC 300 2014 Bikes Pictures

This is aboard the EC 300 Standard, as we continue our testing range Gas Gas 2014. If the Spanish manufacturer offers its Standard models several displacements, this year, SIMA has chosen not to import one, and this is good old 300 2-stroke that won the vote.

But what are the differences between the Gas Gas EC 300 Standard and Racing models you ask? Well it starts with a Marzocchi 41 mm and a Sachs shock, against a 45 mm and the EC Reiger Racing. It is also at this level that the price differentials play if we are to believe the SIMA.

The GasGas EC 300 is also worse off in racing parts: no silent FMF hubs are machined cylinder head is different Model Racing. And finally, the colors are not the same.

Gas Gas EC 300 2014

Gas Gas EC 300 2014 Bikes Photos

A Variety Enduro Almost Complete

However, the Gas Gas EC does not discount motorcycle since the braking is still ensured by Nissin which go together with Galfer Wave discs, there is a reed valve V-Force 4, tees machined but also Engine guard, a hydraulic clutch or double ignition curve.

Few details are a little “cheap” as the selector and footrest, but nothing insurmountable either. Saddle on the bike, nothing shocking at first, the 300 video easily fits between the legs and finds its place.

Only the position of the footrests, different from any other brand requires a slight adaptation. The biggest complaint, which is probably a detail for some, back to feeling brake lever and clutch, too square and uncomfortable to the touch.

Gas Gas EC 300 2014

Gas Gas EC 300 2014 Bikes Images

Hard Front Soft Behind

Let’s go for a ride special, and the first observation is that the rear towing perfectly. The rear wheel is stuck to the ground during acceleration and the power goes to the soil. It is rather comfortable, but soon you feel a lack of responsiveness from the rear. It’s a little wimpy, when it starts rolling strong, the shock seems to have a little trouble keeping pace in the sequences of holes.

This is not necessarily the case of the fork, which itself is not the most comfortable rolling slowly but appears quite effective in large holes and cuts. This creates a slight feeling of chopper, this is not unpleasant, but it is not very natural. However, the rear crashing much to the advantage of allowing to rest their feet on the ground, which makes including some crossings.

On our testing ground, there was nothing to try a little extreme, and the Gas Gas EC 300 pulled through beautifully. Built for climbing trees and rocks, the Standard Gas Gas seems to have nothing to envy to the Racing for crossing difficulties. This is probably when the pace picks up as the going gets tough, the bike is showing a little clumsy.

Gas Gas EC 300 2014

Gas Gas EC 300 2014 Nice Bikes Pictures

The Quiet Strength is There!

For a 2-stroke 300 cm3 engine is particularly accommodating. Although powerful, it is very linear and the grip is rather natural. We feel that the engine compartment is large, we can afford to go down really low in the towers and start on a light throttle without touching the clutch.

Needless to say, it’s low and mid-range engine that is best expressed. He is able to take turns, but its efficiency and strength are such on the engine speed range that we stay happy. It is quite possible to drive very slowly on the third report: Gas Gas cash without blinking. And if necessary, a sudden wake mechanical clutch gently. Even in this case, the engine does not blow you up.

And for those who want even more “tenderness”, be aware, that dual ignition curve is available and that world rain, Gas Gas is even more linear and therefore even easier to handle.

In the end, it is rather endearing, the engine of the 300 EC. And although it is not stamped Racing, he shows versatility. Ideal for enduriser safely, the Gas will prove formidable in crossing and probably not ridiculous to fall chrono special! Yes: easy to take motorcycle hand, it also allows you to go faster…

Gas Gas EC 300 2014

Gas Gas EC 300 2014 Nice Bikes Photos

Conclusion: A Versatile Gas Gas Ultimately

Necessarily, less attractive in terms of equipment, however, his sister EC 300 Racing, the Gas Gas EC 300 Standard advance strong arguments. Competitors in the soul may not find it on their behalf, the chassis lacking liveliness and performance proving to be a bit limited. But this is really for very good drivers …

For the Gas Gas EC 300, Standard is a versatile motorcycle handlebars which, with some adjustments suspensions, it would be great to start a Enduro without blushing face competition. Especially for the crossing, which is the top.

But it is still in use more than 300 typical leisure EC is intended. Although a little more comfort in the saddle and also the front axle would not be denied.

Easy to pick up with his docile engine, we had fun with the bike. Then, with a significant difference in price – € 6890, the Gas Gas EC 300 is € 700 cheaper than the Racing model – we can ask some questions at the time of signing the order.

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