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Can-Am Spyder ST

Can-Am Spyder ST Bikes Pictures

5 years ago, the Can-Am Spyder RS happening on our roads. A strange machine with three wheels in Y, 2 at the front, with the driver installed in the center. As for the other three-wheeled vehicles, it is possible to drive with his driving license or motorcycle but unlike scooters, it is much larger with a surface comparable to that of a city car floor.

Before the train consists of two double wishbone with stabilizer bar as on some cars. Such as in a car, the sequential gearbox can be automated or not. The rear is similar to that of a motorcycle with a swing, a mono shock and a belt arm.

Can-Am Spyder ST

Can-Am Spyder ST Bikes Photos

After the success of the RS pretty sporty profile, Can-Am RT launched dedicated to travel with a plethora of equipment and a substantial luggage. Between the two, the difference was as great as equipment costs. The problem is solved with the launch of the new ST, a Spyder Sport Touring to keep sporty lines and a certain level of comfort.

The ST is a Compromise in The Range

The Can-Am Spyder evolve in 2013 with a redesigned chassis to be both stiffer and lighter, a Brembo braking system for calipers and 270 mm discs, a throttle control, electronically controlled and new rims 15-inch shod with low waist.

The ST is a combination of RS and RT. At the front, the lower part is similar to the RS with round in a black dress that contrasts sharply with the color of the body projectors. Under the hood, the trunk of a 44 liter lockable can easily accommodate a bag to go on a weekend, when the helmets stops and even some cabin baggage.

The upper portion is near the Spyder RT with high optical that extends over almost the whole width of the baffles and the shroud to protect the hands of the projections.

The large windscreen is manually adjustable in height easily and protects very well on the highest position. It has however the disadvantage of distorting the view of the road when you do not look away. In town for example, it is easier to lower in order to see where the wheels go in small crowded streets.

Before our eyes, the digital dashboard in color between the two dials needles displays many useful information such as time, temperature, fuel gauge, etc.. It lacks a bit of contrast with bright light but there is still readable. The change of command is displayed from the left handlebar with the thumb.

Can-Am Spyder ST

Can-Am Spyder ST Bikes Images

At the rear, luggage comes clutter line as is the case in the RS. The two separate lights and found that imposing flashing overlooking the massive rear tire 225/50 and fenders including support plate. Tires do not have a rounded profile like on a motorcycle, because as a car, the Can-Am Spyder is not looking to negotiate a turn.

A Sporty Design For a Rural Driving

The Spyder 3 offers the same ergonomics. The seat is roomy and comfortable without pressing the thighs so far, the handlebar is wide and high enough to not be supported on the wrists and footrests are thick enough to not feel the same with shoes. The position is perfectly natural and relaxing to eat up the miles.

The Spyder is powered by a V-twin 998 cm 3, which gives it both a certain vivacity of the times and a sporty sound enough to drive. The new electronic throttle is completely forgotten: absolute smoothness or irregularity are felt.

Our ST was equipped with u 5-speed sequential gearbox with the clutch with the left hand and foot as selection on a motorcycle. The less comfortable can opt for a robotized gearbox and without these manipulations. The bikers will think that the brake on the right hand does not exist, everything is done with the sole right pedal that automatically distributes the braking between the front and back foot.

On ours, driving becomes easily engaged with reports that can easily enchainer on the fly to the rise and descent for more sporting moments. The rest of the time, an ST can safely strolling into the wind in the height of the windscreen that effectively protects and generates no unpleasant tub in the back. Apart from the deformation of the road when you look down, the windshield is convincing.

We let ourselves be carried away by some liveliness on the road by finding its stride. As a car, it has an effect roll on roads that are not flat and tilt outward turns. It compensates by moving the bust which requires to be quite mobile in the saddle when riding at a good pace.

In the series of corners, the ST still admit its limits quickly with a very intrusive mail when the pace is a little high. His hobby is the ride is to “cruiser” contemplating the landscape, this is not the sporty.

Used in this spirit, the Can-Spyder is a beautiful machine to travel for those who do not have a motorcycle license and would like to take climate change and all the smells of landscapes.

Can-Am Spyder ST

Can-Am Spyder ST Nice Bikes Pictures

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