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The revival of the brand was made with all-terrain but in 1994 KTM came on asphalt with the first Duke powered by the LC4. Certainly it was a chastened Supermotard the way to go is still long until the 690 Duke is now a special player roadster.

KTM 390 Duke

KTM 390 Duke Bikes Pictures

In 2011, manufacturers KTM (Austria) and Bajaj (India) came together to produce the Duke 125 scale. Giving a true success the following year with the arrival of the 200, which will remain confidential in France with this engine.

This year 2013 duke, marks the arrival of the new KTM 390 Duke, the world machine brand that will include distributed in South America, Asia and Europe to meet the demand of new A2 license came into force in January . If it is built in India, it is designed in Austria with the DNA of the brand as backdrop. Action!

KTM 390 Duke

KTM 390 Duke Bikes Photos

Light and Even a Bit too Much for the A2!

The frame, swing arm and other elements are identical to the 200. However, the Duke 390 has its own suspension settings and rises more sports tires with Metzeler M5.

Engine 375 cm 3 is always a cylinder, like all Duke, and there also is associated with a 6-speed gearbox. It develops 44 hp (32 kW) and 35 Nm at fairly high speeds, respectively in 9500 and 7250 rev / min.

To know that a version of only 30 kilowatts is available to meet the power / weight ratio of A2 license because the Duke is too light! Only 139 kg on the scale without fuel, 36 kg for the engine, only 9.5 kg more than the 200 for a much higher power with 18 horses won a total of 44.

For brakes, found against by a single 300 mm front disc brakes with a 4 piston caliper radial mount and rear disc 230 mm. Can disconnect the ABS if desired.

KTM 390 Duke

KTM 390 Duke Bikes Images

A style Very Similar to the 125 and 200

In lines at first glance, the 390 Duke is perfectly comparable to the 200 apart from its steel trellis frame is finished in orange and not black. We notice the pretty swing arm and rims sticks that are very qualitative as well as the radial-mount front calipers.

As with any self-respecting roadster, the engine is put forward in this context. The exhaust is below to lower the center of gravity and do not load the line. This contributes to the compactness of the machine.

With the small fork head and a large tank with tilted forward gills, the bow of the machine seems very collected. The tank receives an imposing logo “390” on its angular lines like most of KTM.

The seat is not too high and does not interfere with the conduct if not comfortable. The passenger seat is divorced and raised two handles and allow it to stand. Under the saddle, it does not much, a fine rain pants may just find its place in troubleshooting.

Finally, we appreciate the table edge and particularly legible complete with time display, the gear and even a fuel gauge, a rare thing on the Austrian machines.

KTM 390 Duke

KTM 390 Duke Nice Bikes Pictures

A Slogan on the Handlebars: Have Fun

With 44 horses to 139 kg, it is expected a vigorous machine if it goes to the handlebar. The sound of the engine tends unfortunately to 125 than to 690, but beyond this point, the little Duke presents itself as a genuine KTM.

To roll into town without much play box, mono is quite flexible from 3000 rev / min with little vibration. To take a higher rate on the secondary network, keep engine speed to 7000 rev / min and beyond.

The game is to select the right gear and pull up right diet for enchainer keeping pace. Selection is a little stiff but it is fast enough for sport riding in the mountains and not miss his snapbacks the exit.

With a lively engine and grip very easy, “fun” is waiting for you and smile! The small size of the Duke allows him to move from one corner to another, or to correct its trajectory very easily, without any resistance even at a fast pace. It is almost unnecessary to anticipate well in advance and yet no movement seems to disrupt the machine once placed.

In terms of regrets, you can put the front brake missing teeth when taking the lever on the machine that allows keeping a pace with effective suspension and comfort. We appreciate that the city easy and great fun on the back roads unlike the 200 motorcycle permit to ride without forcing the legal highway speeds although it can easily reach 30 km / h more.

If the 390 does not have the sparkling 690, as she knows it will make you smile, when you take the road to the handlebar: a delight for lovers of motorcycle for pleasure.

KTM 390 Duke

KTM 390 Duke Nice Bikes Photos

Balance Sheet

Located almost exactly between 200 and 690, the 390 shows that it will rely on it in the end because apart from its sound and its comparable to the 200 template, fun handlebar is much closer to the same 690 if the performance is not at the same level.

The template content of this machine is the happiness of those who are not fans of 1.80m or small motorcycle. With 1m80, it is not unwelcome to all but the machine seems a little small. Everyone agrees against by the fact that the rigor and responsiveness of the chassis allow to be really fun to handle with its engine without excess but meeting still present.

Finally, the only regret is that the front brake lacks teeth to take the lever. Anyway, the 390 Duke seems to be the ideal hand. Fun and easy, it meets the requirements of A2 and the urge to indulge the handlebars. As what it is not incompatible. A 5090 euros, the price is well placed with a price / pleasure ratio without real competition.


  • Very playful steering
  • The template for this little bike
  • The liveliness of the chassis


  • The sound of the engine
  • The toothless front brake
  • Aesthetics similar to 125 and 200

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