Suzuki SV 1000N A Good Girl

Suzuki SV 1000N

Suzuki SV 1000N Bikes Pictures

Suzuki Introduced it a Few Years has new ranks of motorcycles, TL1000. Trellis frame, V-twin engine, Ducati target WAS Clearly Identified.Some faults Developed His reputation ruined, the goal concept had proven Itself. Heiress of the failed test, the SV 1000 has Appeared on the market in 2003 with the same engine, revised and corrected. More polished , a little sadly it Loses explosive temperament of His predecessor . This engine aussi found on the Suzuki V -Strom and several Cagiva Raptor : such as , V- Raptor and Navigator.


Compared to the first version of Equipping the TL1000 , the block Becomes civilized by Adopting smaller valves, the moving assembly is Severely Reduced , the cylinders -have a new treatment area . Ultimately , A Few horses and has less torque Slightly lower .

The power output is 120 hp at 9000 rev / min and 102 Nm torque at 7200 rev is / min . The frame contains nothing of icts predecessor . Less radical, it is Proposed “Naked ” or ” S ” version . “S ” is distinguished by the handlebars bracelets topped with a fork head and Adapted to the new position of the driver and a sportier use geometry .

An Route

Suzuki SV 1000N

Suzuki SV 1000N Bikes Photos

The grip of the SV1000N is very easy and safe , as Often in Japanese production. One time immediately feels at home , the controls fall naturally to hand and are extremely smooth . The clutch is perfect and the 6-speed blameless : fast and accurate at a time . The engine Seems bland at first .Very linear , it accepts reports on small back without complaint since 2000 rev / min . With a switch to over 10,000 rev / min , it leaves room! There Some evidence of strength , and propels the SV 1000N at speeds totally shameful Few strokes of gas .  Goal No real character , without the ” big” Hoped and expected sensations of a V- twin. Too bad , Because it is really effective !

It’s cold

The weather falling on this test was Actually very challenging , with a thermometer Climbed Hardly above 0 ° and rain or sleet in profusion. Never mind , good equipment and here we are brave the content ( cold fingertips !) . Our bike was equipped with a tiny wind deflector mounted above the headlight . Does this sound effect , or Slightly leaning over the edge position , the fact remains That the highway remains more bearable than it Many other ” Naked .

However , the road is His favorite field . Difficult to push limits with icts Such weather , aim it is very effective and reassuring thesis in extreme driving conditions. The front brake , powerful and progressive , is , entrusted to two floating discs gripped by four- piston calipers .

During hard braking Accompanied by a rapid downshift , the rear disc tend to ” dribble ” the rear wheel . This phenomenon is amplified by the extreme drought suspensions shaking like a plum from the coating deteriorates . This touches on one of the biggest flaws of the SV1000N . City lightness Suzuki ( 186 kg dry) works wonders , making the engine quite handy goal turning radius too large the handicap in this environment..

Suzuki SV 1000N

Suzuki SV 1000N Bikes Images

Cheap, but not cheapEnjoy a stop for a quick tour of the property . Equipment, Rather full , includes , Among Other adjustable levers very practical , robust passenger grab handle , lashing hooks . The dashboard Gives himself airs of Cagiva Raptor , the lack of purpose gauge is all the more regrettable That autonomy is ridiculous cube tank 17 liters , for consumption falling on the test ranged Between 7 and 8.4 l/100 1 .

However , The Entire Machine exudes a feeling ” cheap” , the fault probably to accessories : such as mirrors , turn signals , plate holder , All which are very ugly goal fortunately Easily replaceable for a small fee .

The price of Suzuki SV1000N is probably its best quality.  6.800 for a 1000 cc , it really is a bargain ! French friends online, you Will Save  2.400 across the border to take possession of your beautiful in Belgium ! FYI , the SV1000S Appears at  7200 , All which aussi a great opportunity.


in concluding

SV1000N Suzuki is a good bike, Which Does not tempt your senses , Which Will Prove goal very nice and really versatile use. The French prize May hesitate , order the Belgian price is a bargain.

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