Suzuki GSX-R 1000 SE Limited Production 2014: 100 Copies Only

On the occasion of the Grand Prix MotoGP Indianapolis, Suzuki unveiled the new limited edition of its sporty GSX-R 1000, a “Special Edition” (SE) 100 copies based on the 2014 model.

Suzuki-GSX-R-1000 (1)

2014 Suzuki GSX-R will one time again show itself to be famous motorcycle with amazing strangle response, power, & speeding up at mid range engine speeds  all with huge fuel economy.  Engineering your vision bike to go fast is not the just precedence at Suzuki.  The skill to stop as you please, to turn as you control, is only as important to Suzuki as it is to you. The GSX-R line shows wonderful braking capabilities with its Brembo calipers & heat-resistant stainless steel discs brake. The bike drills like a vision with a hard chassis design & alert suspension.

Suzuki GSX-R

Suzuki GSX-R

The Suzuki GSX-R1000 has for all time been an easy to get to sport bike; whether your wish is to win superbike races or to slice up your much loved road, the GSX-R1000 has been complete for every enthusiasts who want its class leading act. In honor of its 50th Anniversary in America, Suzuki launchs the special, limited creation Suzuki GSX-R1000 SE – with a total of only 50 numbered motorcycles to be sold through Suzuki dealers in America. Suzuki Motor of America, Inc.

Cosmetic case

Back in MotoGP next season in 2014, Suzuki was displayed at the Indianapolis Grand Prix (USA) by unveiling a new limited “SE Limited Production” edition based on the GSX-R 1000.

Like the edition “1 Million” output last year at the EICMA (still available at 14.599 euros), the changes are cosmetic.

Suzuki GSX-R

Suzuki GSX-R

White livery adorned with some blue buttons (air intakes, front fork, saddle, wheels branches), the rims are polished and chrome exhaust. 999 cm3 is unchanged and still develops 185 horsepower (106 in France) and a torque of 96 Nm and a weight of 203 kg.

100 copies, price unknown

Only one hundred copies of this machine will be manufactured by the firm of Hamamatsu, 50 just for the U.S. market. It will quickly jump at the opportunity, but Suzuki has not yet clarified its availability nor its price.

It should blithely exceed 13,999 euros base.

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