Suzuki GSX 650F The Bandit Dresses

Suzuki GSX 650F

Suzuki GSX 650F












Suzuki Seems definitely appreciate the 650 class! Admittedly, the GSX-R sports hyper Does not enter altogether, Unless it is the arithmetic mean Between 600 and 750.

We can choose the GSR Malthus, sports roadster, the SV650, Ducati kind of Japanese fashion, DL 650 V-Strom, trail to do everything, stainless Bandit Declined in semi naked and faired.

It was probably not enough since this is the GSX-F, a crossbred Bandit GSX-R. Pretty easy recipe , however, no shortage of attractions. Between a GSX- R and very extreme Bandit May be missing a touch of madness ,

There was likely place for this Bandit adorned with a full fairing nicely drawn , Directly inspired by the sports brand , saddle reworked refining His line and the triangle -modifying Slightly cuffs base  feet .

For good measure , the dashboard old GSX- R adds a touch of sportiness with some ” more ” friendly well as indicating indication the gear or the ” shift light ” adjustable.


Suzuki GSX 650F The Bandit Dresses

Suzuki GSX 650F 

GSX therefore shows the architecture Appeared on the Bandit 2007. As a reminder , there are Classic Double cradle steel Pledged a conventional 41mm fork .

The water -cooled and injected engine , Developing 79ch aussi Renewed . The driving position , as we reviewed Earlier , more athletic , tilted on the forehead, wants to be more than Demanding the Bandit .

Also probably more tiring , except highway , of course. This desire to ” sportsmanship ” is paid cash in comfort . Suspensions have new damper settings and calibration , and as soon as the coating deteriorates , the abyss widens with the bandit Whose comfort regret we lost .

Qualities preserved

The road is very healthy behavior Bandit protected against . Admittedly , it is more effective Rigorous or motorcycles, but here the Bandit and GSX- F are doing well with the game on the whole very traditional solutions.

Imperial stability highway Where the GSX- F Appears under a rail. This leaves us plenty of playground time to enjoy the pleasure Brought by the fairing . Too bad the bubble returns the speed ( and noise !) On the helmet .

Mechanically , the GSX- F Does not deny its modern architecture. The 4 -cylinder 656cc cubing displays a surprising linearity , from 1000 to 12,000 rev / min  seems the torque constant over the Entire range.

Suzuki GSX 650F The Bandit Dresses

Suzuki GSX 650F 

The engine takes in 6 th from idle and climbs gently up to the red zone without luster , but not weak Either . No emotion no thrill , gently effective , goal Consumed boredom .


Consumed no doubt we boredom , but not altogether unpleasant to use. Easy to town , Where he can ride on a light throttle . Sufficiently filled , it is better than the representation , however would have we liked a little more character , a chasm Separates the mesmerizing triple that Equips the Triumph street triple .

Such with flexibility , it is Necessary to play Hardly the box , All which disappointed us with His strength . When you get low speed 6 th , All which is not uncommon as the engine Proves resilient , and you want to go 4 or 5 speed to return to idle , you -have to fight with the selector and clutch .

Perhaps this is simply due to the low mileage displayed by our test model.

Suzuki GSX 650F The Bandit Dresses

Suzuki GSX 650F 


Braking Does not call for Any Particular how . Powerful , easy to measure , the system shows perfectly in tune with the bike and Its use.

Purpose pity not find the ABS, odd not an option . While it is a major That rider is trained to operate without the benefits of this technology  the brake is an art that is necessary to learn to master , the purpose of the contribution ABS for rolling all day and in all circumstances has No price .

The GSX- F, Under his sports dress chastened , remains Primarily a Bandit, its with all reasonable road qualities . Affordable, easy to drive, economical to use, Bandit are the delight of motorcycle for years .

Such success can be usurped and GSX- 650F adds to  6.930 , a touch of sportiness and exclusivity to the already attractive palette.

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