Suzuki Bandit 1250S GT We Do Not Change Much A Winning Team

Suzuki Bandit 1250S GT We Do Not Change Much A Winning Team

Suzuki Bandit 1250S GT Bikes Pictures

The differences Between the Bandit and an icon of the time as the Honda CB750 69 blowouts little eyes , except Perhaps the Lack of chrome mud guard ! Otherwise , everything is about: classic steel frame , classic telescopic fork , sturdy and solid four- cylinder facing the road , conventional table edge .

Only the rear suspension ignore dual shock absorbers , giving it a look a little eighties. At a time When the segmentation Was Not as fragmented , as a motorcycle covered Needs wide as utilitarian as festive , and it is not by luck That The Bandit is offert Both at Naked ” S ” with a fork head giving him an Increased efficiency.

Progress requirements

Cornered by Euro 3 standards, Suzuki Could not Produce continues to evolve without icts Bandit . Assuming you do not change a winning team , Suzuki has just offert his best -selling new motor responsive to the requirements of increasingly stringent legislation. Exit the legendary air cooled block and oil, inherited from the old GSX -R , and welcome to a new novel block cooled by water . The differences do not stop there. The engine goes from 1157 to 1.255cc .

Food is the beautiful hand in the injection box is enhanced with a 6th gear , the power remains steady at 1000 rpm 98ch goal Obtained lower at 7,500 rev / min Increases torque from 9.5 to 11mkg 3,700 rev / min , progress . Regrets however see the weight to a whopping ten pounds and one liter tank amputated since he has now more than nineteen.

For the rest , Suzuki has taken great care to preserve the familiar look of the Bandit, and , except as smooth block and the different casings , not much difference Between the two vintages are : you must be a doctor ” Bandit ” for the win game of seven errors . Good for owners of old Bandit Who Will not feel too frustrated .

Suzuki Bandit 1250S GT We Do Not Change Much A Winning Team

Suzuki Bandit 1250S GT Bikes Photos

Enough chatted in ” static” , it’s time to ride the beast and taste the progress! No doubt , it ‘s still a big bike , weight is very active and Requires a bit of caution.

The first kilometers , confidence comes and the Bandit handles with ease in the city , showing great balance . The engine is still better than predecessor its in carbs , say it! Always obedient to lead , His reach is odd more impressive and Good Will to all planes for a real treat .

Suzuki Bandit 1250S GT We Do Not Change Much A Winning Team

Suzuki Bandit 1250S GT Bikes Images

It never surprises Whether it is in the correct ratio Regardless of the report , it is ( nearly) always in the right! This further Confirms That The number of horses is not all  they must still meet there When you need it , All which is the case with this well- filled and flexible engine wish .

Vibrations That Appeared Between 4 and 5,000 r / min on the previous block sccm to -have Disappeared here , and box 6 Allows progress to 125 km / h at 4,500 rpm real / min Consider what endless trips . In this regard , It Should Be Noted efforts Suzuki Belgium , Which Delivers the Bandit 1250S Version “GT” with a full fairing a “low” fairing Adapting to fork crown  and two side boxes.


And in fact , qualities “GT” Prove Bandit . We Conducted the Bandit and rigged on a highway ( allemande! ) , we have Reached 240 km / h meter , Corresponding to 220 km / h real, good enough to eat kilometer . These speeds are not an end in Itself , They Found That The purpose bags about did not affect the remarkable stability of the bandit that is left to carry Such speeds Without any negative reaction.

Suzuki Bandit 1250S GT We Do Not Change Much A Winning Team

Suzuki Bandit 1250S GT Nice Bikes Pictures

One Good Thing When we think of so approximations of a Pan European for example, yet thought from the outset as a GT icts with integrated luggage . Certainly , the equipment is less bloated than real GT , a little more limited protection , the aim economy is substantial businesses , the Suz ‘word That Appears at the bottom less than  5,000 real GT When It n ‘ is not 6 or  7000.


And , Given the benefits offert by the 1250S , May one wonder if it is worth succumbing to the temptation of competition stamped “GT ” as the defects of the Bandit are Few: a little dry depreciation on small Irregularities in the coating, a slight Lack of rigor of the frame facing Some aggressive roadsters , but nothing serious if one looks more like a GT , consumption depends very hard driving style  we oscillated Between August 2 and 6.2 liters .

With 19 liters in the tank, autonomy disappointing sometimes. You can not regret also see the gear position display on the dashboard , or the temperature , it is unfortunate little bold design purpose it is little things in short , in light of all the qualities displayed by the lath mount bestseller Suzuki.

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