Suzuki announces about ten special motorcycles in series

Comes the summer with the vacancies, the rucksack, the sun, the balances and the series special. Suzuki declads a bunch of models accessorized in series to answer not bad of waitings. The sporting excited one with the baroudé trail, there is for everyone with the GSX-R, GSR, Gladius, V-Strom 650 and Inazuma in special edition or limited series.


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GSX-R 600/750 Yoshimura:

On the basis of GSX-R 600 and 750 black, Suzuki proposes a version the taking again the colors of most famous Japanese preparer of motorcycle, Yoshimura. For this exclusive version of the GSX-R 600 and 750, the accessories assembled in series are:

– Kit stickers Yoshimura
– Exhaust Yoshimura R11
– Twin wheels

Advised rate: GSX-R 600 Yoshimura 11,499 € including all taxes and GSX-R 750 Yoshimura 12,999 € including all taxes


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GSR 750 One Edition:

Worthy downward of the line of the roadsters nasty piece of work of Suzuki, the GSR One Edition is available in a splendid white colour. To pay homage to the GSX-R 1000 “One Million”, the GSR 750 “One Edition”, is equipped with accessories of Suzuki origin:

– Cap of saddle
– Collecting Mask
– Exhaust Yoshimura/Suzuki
– Kit sticker
– Entourage of front light painted in red

Advised rate: GSR 750 One Edition: 8,499 € including all taxes and 8,999 € including all taxes for the version ABS


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GSR 750 Street Edition:

Perfect motorcycle for the malicious boys, this version Street Edition on the basis of GSR 750 black chechmate, is addressed to the addicts of the detail and personalization. Equipped with the prestigious Rizoma accessories supplier and an exhaust design Yoshimura, it is equipped with:

– Handles Rizoma sport
– Ends of Rizoma handlebar
– Indicators before and back Rizoma
– Put back feet pilot and momentary Rizoma
– Stopper Rizoma oil
– Rizoma Rear view mirrors
– Rizoma Twin wheels
– Exhaust Yoshimura R11

Advised rate: GSR 750 Street Edition: 8,699 € including all taxes and 9,199 € including all taxes for the version ABS


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Gladius Trophy replica:
Nimble, player and rabble, Gladius 650 is the ideal motorcycle to approach the competition Gladius Trophy. To pay homage to its version of track, Gladius 650 is moulted in a more sporting version making the good share with the performances. This version Gladius Trophy Replica is equipped with:

– Specific Head of fork
– Specific back Hull
– Trigger guard of handlebar
– Leovince Exhaust
– Kit stickers
– Indicators before and back

Advised rate: Gladius Trophy Replica: 6,349 € including all taxes and 6,849 € including all taxes for the version ABS


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V-Strom 650 ABS Urban, Adventure, Tourer:

V-Strom 650 is the tool with to do everything and to take pleasure. Genuine motorcycle of the daily newspaper but also of the weekend, V-Strom 650 will yield readily with all your needs. Declinable in over-equipped versions, three versions are proposed with the Suzuki accessories:

V-Strom 650 ABS Urban:
– Shoe
– Protect hands
– Satchel of tank


Suzuki Nice Bikes Photos

Advised rate: V-Strom 650 ABS Urban: 8,399 € including all taxes.

V-Strom 650 ABS Adventure:
– Shoe
– Protect hands
– Bubble touring
– Central Crutch
– Top Kit puts 42 L.


Suzuki Nice Bikes Images

Advised rate: V-Strom 650 ABS Adventure: 8,999 € including all taxes.

V-Strom 650 ABS Tourer:
– Shoe
– Protect hands
– Bubble touring
– Central Crutch
– Protect casings
– Plastic Kit bag shop complete

Advised rate: V-Strom 650 ABS Tourer: 9,999 € including all taxes.


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Inazuma 250 Urban:

Cut for urban environment and the Sunday escapades, Inazuma remains the ideal economic motorcycle for the daily ways. Simple but elegant, it will charm the townsmen who wish to preserve qualities of a true motorcycle or the former owners of large motorcycles which prepare their return to the two wheels. Equipped in version Urban, it will become your preferred means of transport:

– tinted bubble
– central crutch
– top puts 26 L.

Advised rate: Inazuma Urban: 4,499 € including all taxes.


Suzuki New Nice Bikes Pictures


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