Suzuki 1300 GSX R Hayabusa 2013

Suzuki 1300 GSX-R Hayabusa: This sportivo-WP is not presented any more. Its name is for a long time synonymous absolute velocity, of power, and a machine except standards.

Exit in 1999 and worked over again in 2008, the Suzuki 1300 GSX-R had not moved since. Small more with braking would not make him evil, especially that the machine is heavy (+ of 250 kilos) and cracks the bar of 300 km/h. 2013 bring to him more this: cast solid Brembo clamps. Largest with the Suzuki 1300 GSX-R is equipped with jaws of reputation like the whole of its family (1000 in 2012, 600 and 750 in 2011). It is necessary also that bites in all circumstances. The Suzuki 1300 GSX-R reinforcement of an ABS is judicious as much as attentive. It equips from now on in series the Tube and its large horses.

Suzuki 1300 GSX-R

Suzuki 1300 GSX-R Bikes Pictures

Suffering from no complex of disproportion, Suzuki 1300 GSX-R is with serenity which the factory affirms that the engine leaves 198 horses and more than 15.5 mkg. What to dribble on the meters. Pressure gauges to measure the madness.

Suzuki 1300 GSX-R

Suzuki 1300 GSX-R Bikes Photos

One needed an instrument panel well for the strong expression to control ardour, the performances and the bestiality of this Suzuki 1300 GSX-R. Melody of needles imprisoning of the electronic crystals of control, the single false note that the nostalgic ones or the set ones speed will be able to regret is the graduation fixed at 280 maximum. A tremendous speed? Ask the first owners of Suzuki 1300 GSX-R, which could see 340 bellow of the dial.

Suzuki 1300 GSX-R

Suzuki 1300 GSX-R Bikes Images

Suzuki 1300 GSX-R  Specs

Tally: double beam to aluRéservoir: 21 litresHautor of saddle: 805 mmLonguor: 2195 mmLargor: 740 mmHautor: 1170 mmEmpattement: 1485 dry mmPoids: 220 kgPoids in functioning order: 252 kg.

Nose gear:
Reversed telehydraulic fork Ø 43 mm, deb.: 120 mm2 discs Ø 310 mm, radial clamps 4 pistonsRoue AV: 120/70 – 17”.

Box with 6 secondary rapportsTransmission by chain.

Rear wheel-axle unit:
Monoamortissor, deb.: 140 mm1 disc Ø 260 mm, clamp 1 pistonRoue AR: 190/50 – 17”

4 Cylinders online, 4 tempsRefroidissement: Cooling liquideInjection2 ACT4 valves by cylindre1340 DC (81 X 65 mm) 198 ch with 8500 tr/min15.5 mkg with 4000 tr/min.

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