Stability Control Motorcycle

Bosch launched the first electronic stability control ESP type for motorcycles. 1190 KTM Adventure and Adventure R 1190, vintage 2014, were the first to hear the new pilot assistance.

As of 2017, the ABS will be mandatory on all motorcycles with a cylinder capacity exceeding 125 cm3. This Ordinance shall apply even in 2016, for all new models introduced on the market. A big step forward for the safety of motorcyclists. Another, equally crucial is proposed by Bosch supplier who places on the market the MSC for Motorcycle Stability Control, which is the bike that ESP is to the automobile.

New  Bikes Pictures

New Bikes Pictures

In Europe, more than 5,000 motorcyclists were killed in 2010. “Almost a fatal motorcycle accident occurred in turn two,” explains Gerhard Steiger, president of the Bosch Chassis Systems Control division. Studies show that by itself, the ABS can prevent almost a quarter of accidents PTW. Stability control could further improve this result.

MSC Bosch uses the latest evolution of ABS house which was added a tilt sensor. The development of sophisticated software was used to determine the thresholds of the system. From the information provided by rotation sensors (100 times per second) and the tilt sensor, the computer sets the physical limits of the braking force to be applied depending on the adhesion and the angle taken in the turn.

MSC and reduces the tendency of the bike to recover when braking in curves, it ensures optimum distribution of the braking force on the wheels to maintain stability, and also limits the skating and the rotation at the acceleration.

New Bikes Photos

New Bikes Photos

The Austrian manufacturer KTM, who participated in its development is the first to offer this standard equipment on the 2012 vintage of 1190, KTM Adventure and Adventure R 1190 with electronic pack, sold respectively € 15,590 and € 15,690. The owners of a 2013 vintage to benefit equally, with an update charged € 399.

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