Smart But Basic: Mahindra Centuro

Mahindra two-wheel motorcycle in India has attempted to lay the groundwork for a suburban area, although Stallio performance was disastrous, the company is trying to stabilize. Rework is Pantero Stallio launched earlier this year. Now , it comes at a premium commuter segment of the recently introduced Centuro.

Mahindra Centuro

Mahindra Centuro Bikes Pictures

Mahindra ‘s dream with heroic passion Honda and Bajaj discover 100T has anchored its work cut out to compete against these products. This is obvious, tried hard to distinguish bikemaker Centuro , segment competitors. It has some very intelligent as a beacon group horn, with LED indicator. We also want to get a smart hinge alloy fuel filler, while offering riders decent support shapely thighs 12.7 liter tank . Minimalist brake light are also in line with modern trends . However, the tank double gold tube looks so exaggerated, the rest of the bike is not synchronized . Exaggerated graphics decorative side panels , the shoe and then have a bad finish and a mile long Exhaust , which are not conducive to Centuro in this regard.

What happens Centuro favor and bike offers . Bay instrument comes mainly from a large tachometer , reading 12,000 rpm . Just reside figures show odometer, trip and clock. Also includes indicators remote service, at hand and empty playlist . Drivers can also customize their driver section petrol per liter after the “economy” comes on the bike is maintained between 30-50 KMPH .

An interesting feature is the encryption key unique flip open multi -functional with a 96, making it impossible to start the duplicate key , which is not offered by the bikes of the company . Owners can also be a button on the key ring touch the bike lights flashing in a crowded parking lot easy to find Centuro .

Another interesting feature is to follow my light , so that you can make light of a few seconds, even if you turn off the ignition . Therefore, if you stop in the dark , it is easy to see where you go, once you get off the bike. Other interesting features include a comfortable grip, a large mirror and finished with flash light switches throughout .

Machinery, is almost identical to Centuro Pantero , using the same four-stroke air-cooled 106.7cc single cylinder , . This engine was updated earlier this year with a rocker bearing and improve lubrication roller. The peak power of 8.4 bhp at 7500 rpm and maximum torque 5500 rpm 0.87 konjac .

Small engine performance is really shy , but the power of mid-range feel pretty . However, the noisy engine and overall refinement Centuro, still not as good as its Japanese rivals. Gearbox four reports so widely smooth transition, while the clutch is light , comfortable to use crawling traffic.

The dual deployment Centuro taking, including adjustable telescopic front fork suspension and chassis of the rear shock . Unfortunately, there is a tubular rocker of the old school at a time when a strong boxed swing arm is the norm. So , this is not what you want quickly folded around the bike.

Another concern is the brake. For 130 mm drum feel and lack of strength, you will often find relying adherent MRF tires provide a safety net . Mahindra confirmed that front disc brakes Centuro variants will be available shortly . This means that already provided a good standing and sitting .

Centuro Price Rs.45 , 000 (ex -showroom , New Delhi). On the other side of a motorcycle more dependent on the ability to provide more functionality, than the strength to win buyers. However, this strategy looks for Mahindra , and was launched on July 1 in three weeks , Bike received 10,000 reservations . Although this speculation remains to be seen whether the course and figures represent an improvement is finally here the wheels company exits the market .

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