Scooter Peugeot Metropolis: A Technological Marvel

Peugeot launches its first three-wheeled scooter, called Metropolis. Design and performance seem to be at the rendezvous. So it is a success?


After a very successful with two and four-wheel experience, Peugeot innovates by creating a new three-wheeled scooter called Peugeot Metropolis. This urban scooter is distinguished from others by its compactness, its style and dynamic abilities.

A Very Elegant Three-Wheeled Scooter

Both comfortable and protective, safe and stable, practical and high-performance scooter Peugeot 400 Metropolis – just like his version sports 400 RS – embodies modernity and elegance in three dimensions. Its attractive appearance and demonstrates the willingness of the French manufacturer to approach the automotive world and offer its customers a comfortable use unusual.

This scooter is a concentrate of technology offering two halogen bulbs with an output of 55 W each and incorporating LED technology.


Peugeot Metropolis or Performance Art

Born of a winning collaboration between Peugeot Scooters and Automobiles Peugeot teams, scooter Peugeot Metropolis has an innovative engine type 400i LFE which provides 38 Nm of torque and develops 35 horsepower. With an electric start and a belt drive, the engine of this scooter is type 4-stroke 399 cc. Despite its shape, Peugeot Metropolis tu 150 km / h.

Design side, he reassures his Bimaterial with a height of 780 mm and a windshield quickly adjustable seat. Side storage, everything is done to allow you to use this scooter as you wish. Indeed, it has a safe under saddle, with an electronic opening large enough to accommodate a laptop and a tailgate, also working by remote control to store a helmet.

In the end the scooter Peugeot Metropolis can therefore easily compete with the Piaggio MP3, even if it remains the ultimate benchmark for 3-wheeled scooter.

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